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Heavenly Rest Inn

At A Glance

  Smoke gently emits from the brick chimney of the gable rooftop of this unsuspecting inn. Below lay bright, bone-white stucco framed with satisfying yet simple patterns of wood. The ground floor's walls are made from tightly packed stone and, inset into them is an iron-framed door that is round nearest the top and a peculiar set of stained windows. Reds, oranges, and yellow create a pattern of light that peers in with the comforting warmness of Gaen's vigilance. A wooden post juts out into the street. Hung by chain is a wooden sign that reads, "The Heavenly Rest Inn" in stylish yet humble cursive. Smells of raising bread come forth from this place. What little sound comes from the inside is drowned out by the daily on-goings of the Rivergate Ward. There are no birds perched upon the building. No vermin writhe in the streets nearby. A glance upon the Heavenly Rest is eerily like that of a painting: still, yet colorful.

First Impressions

  A quiet and somewhat hunched old human man, Halial Wehnt, makes his way about the tavern from sunrise to sunset. He wears a simple tunic with an apron, irreversibly stained, about his waist. Tucked into his shirt is a simple chain with a small glass circle inset into a dull diamond shape. Wehnt trusts most of the operations outside of the kitchen to a young human woman called Vanya. She has been tending to the six rooms of this inn since its creation nearly two decades ago. Wehnt insists to his few employees that they, being younger and more approachable, tend to the customers whilst he cooks and serves the meals. Despite his age and appearance, Halial is quite swift. Vanya and the three others under his employment speak in soft, gentle, and quiet voices as to appease Wehnt's wishes.  
Lad, be careful not to raise your voice in there. You ought to know that the patrons and staff of the Heavenly Rest will shush you quicker than a librarian.
- Dirdrum Hayke, Local Cheesemonger
  Compared to the other inns about the city, the dining room here is enough to accommodate twenty or so at a time as Wehnt values quality over quantity on the topic of customers. A polished wooden bartop to the westmost side of the inn separates the dining room from the kitchen. Strangely, Wehnt insists that he shall never serve any form of spirits, as he believes that his inn is a place to clear the mind and enjoy peace. A variety of different teas are available to choose from and Wehnt insists to those who order meals that they must have a cup to go with it. The ceiling is quite high, giving a feeling of openness in this otherwise somewhat small dining area. Stairs set against the far eastern wall lead to a mezzanine that overlooks the dining room. Three doors are affixed to either side of the walls. Small, humble rooms each with one bed and a wardrobe feel like a home away from home for many. The quiet and relaxing atmosphere of being able to lay down with near silence is something that most patrons cannot get at home. Very rarely does Wehnt invite musicians to his inn, but on such occasions, he invites those who play soothing instruments in the string or woodwind family to serenade his guests particularly during holy days.  


  The Heavenly Rest is a place of respite for those that spend most of their working hours surrounded by noise and stress. Many come here to have a simple and filling meal with some peacefully quiet ambiance. What few of the clients talk above a whisper, they are making recommendations of what tea to have with the soup of the day.
Why yes, Halial prepares all of the tea himself. Have you tried his chamomile blend? It's absolutely delicious with just a spot of honey. Perhaps cream if you wish to rest after your meal.
- Vanya Hadger
    The patrons of the Heavenly Rest often bring their own pillows, blankets, and other objects of comfort. Many come in during lunch and dinner wearing robes and pajamas, as they expect to go upstairs to rest after their meals. The staff encourages their patrons to not speak and to simply gesture to menus. With this, many of the patrons encourage others to speak softly or not at all.   Troublingly, Wehnt has had accusations placed against him. Those that practice the religion of Gaen accuse Wehnt of poisoning his customers. An old priest has been known to come around, loudly ringing a bell as he accuses Wehnt of murder and conspiracy. Guards usually escort the man away, taking him home as they believe that the priest has gone quite mad in his old age.  


  Relaxation, a filling meal, and delicious tea are all promises easily made within the Heavenly Rest. Most days there is not a menu, as Halial prepares a soup for lunch and meat with potatoes for dinner. On very special occasions (like holy days), Halial prepares sweets such as his famous lemon-cheese tart. The rooms are always spotless, simple, and have a bowl of fresh rose water within to freshen up. For a little more, one can get a massage or a stick of incense burned within their quarters.  

Who's Who & History

Helial Wehnt   The Heavenly Rest Inn is run by Helial Wehnt, a former priest of Gaen who claims that her light lives within him and everything he touches. Wehnt, despite his age and hunch, has a surprisingly commanding presence. He speaks just loud enough to make one feel compelled to hang upon his every word. Wise and kindly, he often visits with his frequent customers to see if they are satisfied with their meals. In his youth, it is said that Halial was an incredibly zealous holy man that often accused people of being practitioners of the dark arts. Age has only seemed to humble him, as he hardly ever raises his voice above a commanding whisper. His past often comes to haunt him as those who once worked with Wehnt within the priesthood have come forward to accuse him of heresy. Many of these outcries fall upon deaf ears. Despite what he may have been in his youth, his patrons believe that Wehnt has changed into a kindly and caring old soul who only wishes to please his customers.  
The light of Gaen shall blanket any and all that her fellowship creates. Those who are blessed to bask in such light are ever thankful for her everburning wake.
The Book of Gaen, The Third Volume
    Vanya Hadger   A quiet and young woman who runs the upstairs resting areas. Vanya also functions as the head waitress within the dining room.    

Rumors & Secrets

Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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