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Kaur Mansion

That place should have been dismantled, stone by stone, several years ago! I am sure someone with power keeps that from happening, as well as allowing people to just wander in and disappear as if they never existed in the first place. And then there are the ... rumors...  
— Val Sotth, Regular at Giants Cauldron Inn.


The Kaur Mansion has been in a ruined state for several decades now, ever since its last known owner, an old frail lady named Anayah Kaur, died of an unknown lung disease. She was the last true member of her family after all her four children had died from either sickness or assassination. Her old man had supposedly left her after a heated argument after their oldest son had been killed assassins bought by political adversaries.   The had been talks about the mansion being dismantled among certain bureaucracy circles, but nothing ever came of it. It is rumored that someone with power and resources has kept that from happening, and from local authorities from digging to much into it.  



After walking through a wrought iron gate that hangs by just one hinge, and along the path through an overgrown garden rose garden, one will arrive at the impressive entrance balcony of the ruined mansion. The door to the mansion is splintered and hangs as well by only one hinge. One might get the feeling that it will come loose and fall to the ground any second. And what exactly caused it to become splintered? A break-in perhaps?   The mansion itself built from white marble that, after years of neglect, has cracked in most places and turned dirt-grey. Impressive vines now cover a majority of the northern portion of the mansion, undoubtedly the most ruined portion of the building. Every window is broken and certain portions of the black paneled roof have collapsed in on itself.   The southern side, however, on the opposite of its impressive entrance, is strangely untouched and in good condition, though some of its marble stones are still cracked and portions of the walls are covered in vines. A trained eye may even think that the vines on this part of the house appear more cared for, and cultivated.  


Much of the inside is what one would expect. Most of what is wood is either in broken shambles or damp and moldy, with some even having mushrooms goring on them. Vines has also started growing in places where the sunlight may shine, along with roses from the garden.   However, when one walks into the southern portion of the mansion, one will notice a difference in its state; it is much better cared for. But there is no clear indication of why. Dust still covers every surface and spiderwebs are just as prominent.
Alternative Names
The Old Kaur Villa
The Ruined Mushroom Mansion
Mansion / Villa
Parent Location

Odd Mushrooms

Speaking of mushrooms, there appear to grow an abundance of them inside the mansion, though some rooms and corridors might have lesser than others. Tiny and white with black dots, they give off a stale smell that causes one to feel slightly lightheaded if one goes too closely, which can be difficult in certain rooms.   It is clear that these white mushrooms are not of any local sort, though where exactly they came from is anyone's guess.

Strange disapperances

From time to time, a group of individuals - or just one person - will wander into the mansion for some reason or another. Most do so due to one rumor saying that the mansion's basement is connected with an underground complex possibly used by the Kaur Family for nefarious purposes.   These people never return after entering the basement, however. Ever. And no one has a real clue as to why.  



This article was written by the creative and talented Lenosallose and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Lenosallose, visit Miand'Mésvéstell.


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