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Full Sail Tavern

At A Glance

  Once a proud ship in the city’s flotilla formerly named Destiny’s Progress, the Full Sail Tavern is as rambunctious and wild a ship as it was when it was sailing the seas. Frequented by dock workers, laborers, and sailors, it’s not a place for the faint of heart. Fights are common, as are visits from the city guard and the occasional dead body.  

First Impressions

  The smell of rum and roasting meat reach your nose before you round the corner. As you make the turn, you’re almost bowled over by two men scrambling along the ground and throwing punches at each other, swearing in a myriad of languages. Moving out of their way, you make it to the gangplank leading up to the main deck of the tavern. She’s docked in an old service canal, and is no longer seaworthy, but the bobbing of the water is more relaxing to most that make their way here than the dry ground is.   Ramire, a former captain, runs this joint, along with his two boys Julian and Vardo. Ella, Julian’s wife, also helps with the cooking and cleaning. They give off a welcoming aura, even if they seem to be a little rough around the edges.  


  Sailors. Dock workers. Fishermen. Pirates. Rats. If you more often than not find yourself in and around boats and the water, you’ll feel perfectly at home in the Full Sail Tavern. Alongside the lively types that frequent this bar comes a swath of shanties and drinking songs, with everything from tame ditties about a past love to raunchy tales of portside adventures that would make old ladies faint from hearing them.  


  The Full Sail Tavern makes no effort to cover up the simplicity of its offerings; for drinks there’s rum or whiskey, and for food there’s whatever meat is turning on the spit, bread, or whatever is bubbling in the blackened cauldron over the fire behind the bar.  

Who's Who & History

  Ramire - Ramire is a former captain from the local navy who retired after a stray cannonball took his right leg clean off at the knee. He now uses a peg leg and occasionally a gnarled oak cane to move about as he works his tavern. He leans on the "peg leg" to full affect once telling stories to his patrons.   Julian - Julian is the eldest of Ramire’s two boys, and heads up a lot of the more logistical side of running the tavern, such as keeping whiskey and food stocked and fresh. He has a wife, Ella, who helps run the kitchen.   Vardo - Vardo is the younger of the two brothers, and is in charge of running the tables and throwing out those who are asleep at their seats (after they pay their tabs of course).  

Rumors & Secrets

  Although not explicitly sanctioned by Ramire, and is covered up in such a way that the odds of pinning anything on anybody are almost nil, it is known to some that if you are in need of something smuggled in or out of the city, the Full Sail tavern is the place to be. There are several regulars who can help you with this endeavor, or anything else you might need to get done that involves a ship.  
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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