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Khenowath's Little Library


A persistent little rumor can be heard within the taverns regarding Khenowath's Little Library: That it is one of the oldest libraries in the city. And despite the current owner of the library, Pascatte Khenowath, insists otherwise, its existence has been confirmed in official documents dating back at least two centuries.
It is visited daily by several of the city's elite who wish to partake in the knowledge that is stored in the old books that the Khenowath Family has spent centuries gathering, either through official city funds or from their own pocket.  


The interior of the library has been described as cozy and strangely majestic. The floor and pillars, which often are covered in either thick, colorful carpets or banners with nature motives, are made out of polished beige granite, while the roof consists out of thick, oiled-in wood. Rows upon rows of oak filled bookshelves create artificial corridors that are alit by braziers that can be found at regular intervals. Benches also separate the bookshelves at irregular intervals. Medium-sized study-rooms also intersect these bookshelf-corridors, where visitors can study and discuss certain books, or more personal affairs.  

The burning symbols

If one lifts a carpet, or simply finds a spot with no carpet, one will possibly notice a strange sight. Engraved symbols on the granite floor that are blackened and covered in soot. Usually, the symbols are cold, but from time to time, they will flare up and burn as if they were coated in oil. Despite this, they will not give off any heat and for seemingly all intents and purposes, they appear to just be anesthetics.
Do not stay up at night, however, when one of these symbols flare up. Some witnesses say thay have heard strange whispers in an unknown, wrong language. And when it stops and one goes to look, drops of blood will be noticeable around the symbols in a perfect circle. When they then turn around, Pascatte Khenowath will stand behind them, giving off too large of a smile before they suddenly pass out. Next day, they will find themselves in their own bed.
When confronted about this, Pascatte will deny having knocked them out, and simply explain that the visitor must have inhaled the smoke that sometimes is given off by the symbols, which can give hallucinations and can knock a person out. She will say that she found the visitor laying on the floor, and simply asked one of her assistants to bring him or her home. But nobody has ever seen any other librarians beside her, and how in every god's name, did they know where they lived? But Pascatte will just laugh it off and say that she hopes the visitor will have a good day.
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This article was written by the creative and talented Lenosallose and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Lenosallose, visit Miand'Mésvéstell.


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