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Temple of Hannan

We serve the Lord of the Sun, honored Hannan and his true path to the Sun's Light. The brilliant blaze of our shared faith will one day rise to rival the brilliance of the sun itself.
— Kenan Cela, Warrior Priest on the Path of the Sun's Light.

At a Glance

In a single word, the Temple of Hannan is ambitious. It sits proudly on a wide boulevard of similar Temples in the Temple Ward. Its elegant stone facade disguises the building and gives passerby no reason to doubt the beauty of the Sun Temple's glory. Yet beneath its polished shell sits rotting bones long left to the cruel hands of time. The old building's masonry crumbles, sacred relics lay abandoned in forgotten reliquaries, and wonderous murals fade with the passing years. The faithful of Hannan, those on the Path of True Sunlight, is all that gives this decaying building any life.
Alternative Names
Temple of the Sun, Sun-Spear.
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

Warrior Priests

A monastic order of warrior priests cares for the temple. Inside its grounds, they train to master their sacred arts of magic. They learn to harness the radiant power of the Sun's Light and hold it within their bodies. Honing the magical force within them into their own miniature suns of power.

Visitors & Routines

The crumbling cathedral echos with its emptiness most days, only given a reprieve during weekly sermons and the bustle of the temple's monastic chapter. At any one time, as few as a dozen brothers care for the temple and practice their divine magics on its grounds.
  • Master Caelin - The head of the temple's monastic order and a master on the Path of True Sunlight. This aging man and his mountain of strength have held the faith together for decades.
  • Brother Mathias - A student on the Path of True Sunlight, many believe he will one day supplant Caelin as a true titan of their Sacred Arts. For now, he is merely a promising pupil and an eager servant of Hannan.
  • Neal Trekson - A wild man seeking to join the Path of True Sunlight and its brotherhood, rumor says that Hannan came to him in the wilds and bade him enter the god's service.



The Temple of the Sun has all the dressings of a grand cathedral, from its towering spire to the stained glass windows that depict the god's glory. Enormous golden banners drape over the building with the sigil of Hannan emblazoned on each one in radiant white. These flagrant symbols serve to proudly announce their god and hide some of the worst damage to the cathedral. A single spire rises from the cathedral's roof like a spear of pale stone stretching up to scrape the heavens. At its pinnacle sits a colossal Sun Stone, a mystical gemstone that collects and condenses the warming light of the sun. At night passerby can watch a spectacle as the temple cycles the sun's power through the crystal veins that race through every inch of the building, light seeming to drip like honey through the intricate stonework.


The Temple of Hannan cannot keep up their elaborate illusion within their holy house. Cracked masonry and fading murals show the building's age. At the same time, worn furniture and tattered scripture give comfort to the denizen monks. Due to damage or danger, several sections of the temple were sealed with their secrets buried within. What remains open in the temple is a light splattering of shared rooms, secure halls, and stable routes between them. Most of the monastic training takes place in a vaulted hall towards the back of the cathedral. Here monks train both physically and spiritually to reach the peak of perfection and touch the sun.

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Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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