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Bent Coin Tavern

Well there are a few stories that try to explain the name of that old tavern. One is that old Faran used to fling coins so hard up in the air they bent from the shear force of it. Another that he had a tendency to bite on the coins he received so hard they bent. No one really knows exactly, and it is more fun to speculate.  
— Aran Ytyxe, a reglar of the Bent Coin Tavern.

From the Outlet.

The Bent Inn Tavern may not be one of the oldest taverns in the city, but it has nonetheless a fine reputation that you might hear of even in the Warrens. It is a building of three stories, built from fine heavy granite stone slabs that showcases a faint inscribed geometrical pattern. The window- and door frames are made from smooth dark oak wood that has a slight oily smell to it.  

Inside it all

Walking through the broad door opening, one will enter the main hall. A fine wooden oak floor that is dotted with circular marble stone slabs on which round tables and chairs are placed. The hall's western portion is left vacant however, to be used as a dancing floor during late evenings or festival times. On the right side of the door stands the tavern bar.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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