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The Tower of Terephon


The Tower of Terephon -- also known as Dead Man's Library -- is a square stone tower of fairly recent construction. Dried-out corpses hang from hooks all around the exterior of the building; the further up they are placed the older they are.
Those in the know understand this to be the residence of Terephon Demnel, a leader of the Licheloved whose significant power is both political and magical; in regard for the latter for instance, he had his undead servants build a tower for him in the Necropolis, in direct defiance of city authorities.  

General Description

The tower is four stories tall and includes a foyer, a laboratory, a library, as well as personal quarters for Terephon himself and his four wraiths. Beneath the tower lies a small round cellar from which a secret passageway leads to the dungeons below the Dark Reliquary.  

Dead Man's Library

The aforementioned library is perhaps what is most well-known about Terephon's tower, excluding of course the Liche himself. It is colloquially known as the Dead Man's Library and is famous for its collection of supposed controversial collection of books. And also what may happen to those who fail to return any borrowed books in time.
It is rumored that if not all, then at least a majority of the corpses that hang from hooks around the exterior of the tower, are those who have failed to return their borrowed books in time. Supposedly it is possible to know which ones these are with just a glance but unless you know what signs to look for it is nigh-impossible.   The interior of the library is grandiose and cold. Grey stone pillars, dark blue marble floor. Bookshelves, tables, and stools made from artistically assembled bones that appear to glow ghostly white in the deep shadows cast about by the flickering candelabras, who are made from black metal. From the ceiling hangs several skeletons clothed in colorful coats; some visitors have bespoken of times when they have noticed some of these hooks hanging empty, and heavy cloth being dragged across the marble floor, though none has any viable accounts of anything abnormal.
Parent Location


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