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Kindred Domains of Ptolus

Elysium & Blood Halls



  The Elysium like many Kindred concept is nuanced and layered. Clan Daeva takes up most of the Midtown Ward, specifically south of the King's River. The North side of Midtown Ward is an Elysium Domain and considered neutral territory for all Kindred under the Tradition of Domain. Physical violence between Kindred is strictly forbidden, and Kindred are expected to keep their tempers in check. Social conflict often replaces physical violence. It is frowned and discouraged to even come to the Elysium hungry, even if refreshments are sometimes served. Any large lumber of vampires feeding in one location is a danger to the Masquerade.    

Blood Halls

  The Blood Halls is an Elysium location, the Elysium location within Ptolus. It is neutral ground, a gathering hub and a social location for Kindred. Violence between kindred is forbidden and the use of disciplines or blood sorcery is heavily discouraged, especially any that target others. The Blood Halls are warded in layers of Elder Disciplines and Blood Sorcery which wards off wanders, mortals, and laces it with Obfuscation. In addition it suppresses the use of discipline and such on the Kindred of Vecna tied to their divine blood.  

Clan Domains


Covenant Domains


Hunting Grounds


Hunting Grounds

  The Hunting Grounds are considered neutral hunting for any Kindred of any Clan or Covenant.  


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