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Kindred Domain Mechanics

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction

What is a ...
Kindred Domain?

  Kindred Domains are a critical element of Vampire society, defining a particular area within the city that is claimed by a specific clan or covenant. Kindred use Domains to conceal and safeguard themselves, while also gathering information, monitoring mortal behavior, and satisfying their insatiable hunger for blood. Operating within the shadows of mortal society, the Kindred Domains are concealed by the Masquerade, and serve as the backdrop for their intricate courtly dramas, intrigue, and political machinations that flow like a river among the vampire elite.

For example the city of Ptolus is the Domain of the Prince or Elder's Council, while the Guild Ward is the Ventrue Domain granted by the Prince or Elder's Council.
Like other elements of the Vampire the Requiem, Domains have Traits, and those Traits are ranked by dots one to five. Domain Traits cover a lot of ground, so to speak: use them as abstractions, not as constraints.


Chasse (1-5)

  Chasse refers abstractly to the physical size of the domain, or how much of the Domain you can control. For example a Chasse 1 Domain in a District mean you control a small portion of your district like one or two city blocks or several locations across multiple city blocks.

Chasse - District

120% of District/Ward
240% of District/Ward
360% of District/Ward
480% of District/Ward
5100% of District/Ward
      This Trait also describes how well stocked, vulnerable, and rich the domain is as a hunting ground. Being in control of a larger Chasse make it easier to hunt within the domain.

Pulse (1-5)

  This Trait describes how well integrated the Kindred are into their domain. Dots in Pulse make it easier to interact subtly with native mortals; find something, someone, or somewhere specific within the domain; find out the “word on the street,” or otherwise investigate something within the domain. Pulse never modifies Kindred hunting rolls.    

Shroud (1-5)

  This Trait describes how secure the domain is against intrusion or disruption: other vampires, curious mortal, city watch, Hunters or other predators. Dots in Shroud cause complications for a foe when they attempt to, enter, investigate, or surveil the domain. Shroud seldom grants a bonus to character; it primarily acts as a resistance Trait. A critical success by an intruder might lower the Shroud of the Domain against that specific intruder – unless the Kindred deals with them before the next incursion. Shroud does not apply to Havens, in or out of the Domain.    


The Sanctum or Domain Sanctum is the heart of a Kindred Domain, where the Elder or Master holds court with his loyal members. A Sanctum is similar to a haven but on a more important scale and may also be commonly called a manor, estate or hold. For example in Ptolus City Foundation Manor is the Invictus Sanctum and the Blood Halls are the Sanctum of the Prince or Elder Council.        



Domain Edges

  Domain edges are special Edges available based on your prerequisites and having access to the Domain. Domain Edges may be purchased as Path Edges for 2 XP instead of 3 XP.

Domain Investment (• to •••••)

Path 1 or Status 1 with Clan or Covenant   Domain investment means taking advantage of the ground work and efforts of those Clan or Covenant members that came before you. This makes feeding and interacting with the mortals of your Domain easier. When taking this edge or merit you spend time with your fellow Kindred walking the streets to learn the nuances and secrets of the Domain. These may consist of maps, notes, names, locations and are considered to be abstract. These make excellent story points to narrate during a scene and develop over time.
  You gain bonuses within the Domain at the level you have invested while limited by the Domains ratings. This does not stack with similiar Edges or Merits. For example Feeding Grounds is personal to your location and you would use that. If for some reason there is overlap take the better modifier.  
  • Rating 1 (+1d or +1e)
  • Rating 2 (+2d or +1e)
  • Rating 3 (+3d or +2e)
  • Rating 4 (+4d or +2e)
  • Rating 5 (+5d or +3e)

  •   Dice bonuses for Chronicles of Darkness or enhancement for Storypath.  
    Vampire the Masquerade V5 (p195)
    City of the Damned (p251)
    Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition
    Mystery Cult Initiate (VTR121)
    Feeding Grounds (VTR p112)


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