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Court of the Prince

The Court of the Prince are the positions of trust and authority put in place by the Prince of Ptolus or the Council of Elders to keep the wheels of the Kindred Court turning and the undead politics flowing. This is part of the mechanism that allows the Prince or the Council to maintain power and chart the course of their will.   The Kindred Court refers to all of the Kindred Ranks within the broad structure of the Kindred machine while the Court of the Prince refers to a selection of positions appointed by the Prince or Council.  

Seneschal of the Prince

  The Seneschal is the Prince's "right-hand" and, according to tradition rules the city when the Prince is otherwise indisposed. Many Prince relate this position to choosing which fangs to hold close to their throat. In Ptolus the Seneschal is little more that a mouth piece, Herald and administrator of the Council.
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Keeper of the Prince

  The Keeper serves the roll of recording all the traditions, laws, names of linage, sire and progeny as well as being the chief advisor in all thing sorcery. If permission has been granted to sire it is recorded within his tomes.
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Harpy of the Prince

  The social heart of the Prince's court, Harpies are both feared and trusted. They seem to be unusually aware of dirty little secrets, crimes committed and if they have a mind to, they are able to raise Kindred to the heights of legend or to destroy their reputation forever. Also responsible for the location, maintenance and safety of the Elysium.
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Scourge of the Prince

  Usually one of the toughest and most lethal of all the Kindred within a domain, the Scourge is the Prince's personal bodyguard, assassin and leg-breaker.
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Sheriff of the City

  The Sheriff and the Hound are responsible for "law enforcement" within a domain. While they wield little political clout, they report directly to the Prince. The Sheriff acts much like his mortal namesake, arbitrating disputes between aggrieved parties, bringing criminals to justice and ensuring the security of the Court.
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