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Ancillae Calistan
Lorekeeper of the Court
5th of Family Elder Belaurin
1st of Clan Elder Vikas
of Mekhet Antediluvian
Hakim the Unseen

Player Submitted Details ...  


  Is a well built human 6 ft tall Very fit. Short black hair with a well trimmed beard and mustache .Very handsome man in his early 30's. Usually has a cocky smile that he uses to defuse the fear that forms from his age and power. When this smile turns sinister the true terrifying nature is revealed and any who witness it shall not be long of this world. Its unknown if he has any tattoos or other markings! Those few who have learned soon had those memories lost and forgotten.

At the temple he wears a vestments of black and gold with a high collar that covers his entire neck. a cape that hangs off the back of his shoulders. Wrist cuffs of the same design again black and gold…Very regal in his appearance, it would be easy to think he was nobility before his turning. A more more serious demeanor is shown at the temple saving the cocky smile for other encounters.

While at court he wears an all black armor. Made of what appears to be leather, but completely silent, many times more durable and flexible.. Its inlaid with decorative silver that accents the more important protective areas. It outlines the shoulder, wrists, shins, waist and feet.. It's both regal and terrifying in a Gothic style.. These may just look like accents, but add layers to the protection afforded and most certainly contain blood magic of immense power.

  My notes ...   Also an Ancillae but around 300 years a vampire   Joined the Templar covenant, which carry the vampire faith from Vecnas book of night. They also use blood magic but more of symbols and focus.   Has a habit of beating strong opponents that underestimate him. Can switch from silver tongue to smart ass in an instant.  
  A snippet from a battle the players witnessed ...   Calistan squares up to face Marcus. It is an honor to face off against a Chosen, and I should be very careful as you seem to have deftly dispatched your past opponents. He takes a very passive stance, smiling, I offer you the honor of first moves Chosen. Marcus waits and circles with a fair amount of caution. After a lot of nothing, Marcus finally makes his assault moving from sword stance to sword stance, ending in a flurry of attacks. Calistan dodges and avoids each assault with no returning attacks, as he seems to be weighing and learning his opponent. On the next down swing Marcus seems to be placing all his weight into the swing, Calistan materilizes a sword of solid blood out of thin air sidesteps the attacking blade and brings his sword down on his wrist shattering it and disarming Marcus. With a deft kick powered by Vitae he kicks his opponents sword sending it imbedding a foot into the far wall still vibrating from the force of the impact. Marcus staggers to his feet just as Calistan delivers a small scratch across his left check using his blood sword. Marcus charges towards a weapons rack to grab a sword, as Calistan moves to intercept him, Marcus turns his feint for a weapon into a last ditch Vitae punch that strikes Calistan hard across the face. He steps back with a look of surprise, then smiles and shouts with joy, well done Chosen. Time to end this, a few more slashes each across his cheek and the match is called in favor of Calistan. He again faces Marcus, bows, it was my honor Chosen.  
  An example of his latter battle where he lost ...   As Calistan and Rima circle each other taking stock of their opponents.
  Calistan: Rima, it will be an an honor to loose to you, your battle fury is magnificent to behold.
  Rima: Laughs and holds up her fists, you will not be luring me off my game or disarming me.
  Calistan: quick with a followup, unless you give me a hand, as he shrugs.
  And between the breath of two words, Rima crosses the distance in a blur, just as Calistan trys to shift using his own Celerity. Rima still manages to clip his right sword arm shoulder and sound of breaking bones is heard, followed just as quickly by bone knitting back together. Calistan still manages a glancing sword blow as they part and circle again.   Calistan: I’m beginning to think this is just a battle of brawn and blade, I thought we were also sparring on several levels.   Rima: Grrr   Rima with another blurring charge towards Calistan and the center post. As Calistan swings his blood sword, Rima ducks low and launches up in a bear hug lifting Calistan from his feet. Calistan sword swing is so hard it slices through the center post and the roof shutters. Rima slams his right wrist into the ground snapping it, while Calistan brings an off balance knee into the side of her head with a clap like thunder. Both stagger away, standing and regenerating their injuries.   Calistan: Thank you, I do get the feeling you are taking this match seriously now.   Rima charges forward again giving false faints and ending straight forward, while Calistan manages to get his sword tip into her abdomen. Rima keeps pushing forward forcing the blade to be trapped while establishing another bear hug and begins to savage Calistan against the post. With each strike of Calistans body the post and section of the roof creaks and groans until finally the post divides. Rima shifts Calistan under the 1 foot post, holding him in place as it crashes down crushing one side of his torso, lung and pinning him under the building. Even as Calistan is repairing the damage that keeping being inflicted. He coughs out streams of blood.   Calistan: Well if you going to take <cough> this long to beat me <cough> I may as well concede and offer you the victory <cough>. It seems the prudent thing to do <cough> <weak smile>.   With that Rima stands lifting the post and helping Calistan up.   Calistan: Your lucky I almost had you.   Rima: I’m not sure I won, I couldn’t make you stop talking, jackass.   Calistan: apologies to Tatjana, Bron and out honored Gangrel hosts. There is a need for some repairs.   Rima: Agreed, apologies, funds and muscle are both available.  
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