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Corrupted Glade

Several miles Southwest of Ptolus begins the forest line but there is a place much darker and deeper within its arms. The corrupted glade has no sign posts to mark its location or guide to inform you of the dangerous territory you have now entered. If you have the skill of woodcraft you would know or at least suspect. The shades of light change just enough as colors drain away, the rhythm of life with insects, birds and wild animals change, while the natural sounds you have come expect dull and then go silent. The landscape is watching you back, considering if it will allow you to leave. Mothers caution their husbands not to take short cuts through the darker wood, while towns folk sit sipping ale, "yup I think the woods got Jerome and his brother" which is way easier than admitting they ran off to the big city.

Shadows in the Mirror

  The corrupted glade is one of those rare locations where the fabric of the mortal world and the Realms Beyond are much thinner. This may have been the center of an age old epic battle, or the place an celestial fell to the ground punished for his sins or a fiend crawled up from hell. Maybe a necromancer drained life from the land to power some dark working but most likely the reasons why are lost to time. Whatever the reasons, the veil between worlds is thinner. Its not just thinner but it is aligned closely with the Shadowfell, the bleak colorless reflection of the mortal world and opposite of the Feywild.

Shadow War Beach Head

  Tasked with subtly taking Ptolus City in the name of Vecna and the Kindred vampires form the World of Night they use the corrupted glade as their beachhead to this world. Traversing the Shadowfell and piercing the thin veil here to arrive in Praemal.

Veiled in Blood

  Shortly after the Kindred Vampires arrived in the world of Praemal and Ptolus City two of the Council of Elders set about to securing and protecting the corrupted glade for future arrival of Kindred Vampires from the World of Night. A collaberation of Morlayne and Ruiz used Vampire Disciplines, Vampire Devotions and Blood Sorcery to amplify the already tainted traits of the corrupted glade. Using elder levels of Obfuscate and Animalism, mixed with Blood Sorcery to either hide the corrupted glade from people and animals.
Twisted Corrupted Glade 1 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI.png
Twisted Corrupted Glade 1 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

Owning Organization

Twisted Corrupted Glade 2 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI.png
Twisted Corrupted Glade 2 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

Cover image: Twisted Corrupted Glade 2 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI


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