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Dust Dealer

  From the seedy stalls of South Market to the lush estate parties of the Noble Ward the Dust Man has what you need. Coming from all walks of life most looking to turn easy coin, some for the thrill of it, and some for the social connection.
  The smart or successful Dust Dealers try to keep a couple of city watch on the pay. This helps to avoid problems or pull them out of trouble. It is also not uncommon to see a strong arm or street thug nearby for protection and enforcement. You would be amazed how often buyers have a hard time counting.


  Isabella - Noble Lady (Dust Dealer)
Isabella, the daughter of a minor Noble house is just having fun and making social acquaintances with her distribution of dust to her friends. For the moment she is running on the thrill of the sell and the popularity that this gives her with other nobles. She has yet to face any competition, city guards or problems with the sale of her dust.
  Harris - Street Man (Dust Dealer)
Harris is the man on the corner, the man that has what you need. Leather coat, secret pockets and hidden pouches. He wears sleight of hand and quick coins as second nature. Harris is slick and quick of wit and this is kept him alive and one step ahead of trouble. He is also a member of the local thieves guild paying his dues on time and will not hesitate to call for assistance if needed.
  Garvin - Guard Captain (Dust Dealer)
Garvin presents as a loyal guard captain and invested family man. During his long service he is passed on opportunities for promotion citing his commitment to family and not wanting the additional responsibility. His position as a guard captain allows him to deal dust and illicit drugs through several of his corrupt guards without suspect. With the exception of his side business he enforces all the city’s laws fervently. He uses any opportunity to catch another dust seller eliminating competition and skimming the secured product.

Top Products

Dust is a strong stimulant most frequently snorted as a recreational drug. Dust takes the appearance of a multi-hued glimmering powder. It bears the slang terms “pixie dust” or “rainbow dust”. Dust becomes addictive after a short period of use. It is slow to affect elves, sylvan or fey-touched races or requires larger doses, which has given rise to the rumors of fey origins.
  Gnome-X or X
Gnome-X was developed by gnomes as a focus enhancing drug to assist them with study and design. What they did not plan on is the side affects on humans and other races. On those races it alters mood and perception, being similar to stimulants and hallucinogens. Gnome-X produces feelings of increased energy, pleasure, emotional warmth, and distorted sensory and time perception. It reduces inhibitions and acts as a strong aphrodisiac. It is produced in liquid form and generally dispensed with a dropper. Earth-born races like gnomes and dwarves usually have advantage against the effects of it or require larger doses for effect.
Fireleaf is a recreational relaxer, while fairly inexpensive and easy to acquire. It is also one of the street substances that the city guards take no direct action on, unless involved with a secondary infraction. Fireweed is usually smoked in pipes or rolled in thin vellum. It is also commonly found in tribal setting with shamans used in spiritual rituals. The effects of Fireleaf include relaxation and euphoria, a skewed perception, with enhanced sensational awareness.

Dustman Background
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  Background   Skills:
  • Deception
  • Sleight of Hand

    Chronicles of Darkness
  • Subterfuge
  • Sleight of Hand

  • Culture
  • Larceny
  • Persuasion

  •   Contacts
  • Corrupt Guards
  • Nobles
  • Street Rats
  • Enforcer/Thugs


    Alternative Names
    Dust Man


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