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Lavender Correspondence

The premier messenger's guild in Theolin, Lavender Correspondence specializes in two divisions: Long-range and personal mail delivery. Their messengers move all over the region, varying between weekly riders and those who make specialized trips for specific small packages and letters for a few extra coins. In cities, they'll run back and forth between homes at any time of day or night, always delivering their packages with a pressed sprig of lavender to match the one pinned to the messenger's hat or coat.    Lavender Correspondence's reputation and skills positioned them perfectly to serve as the front and leadership of the Theoli Revolution.  

Standard Operations

"Vy! Where's that package for the lordling in Rivenford? The rider's set to get going, and you need to get to your post in the fountain square -"
- Soren Calcade to his daughter, future queen of Theolin
Lavender Correspondence only employs the trustworthy, the swift, and the discreet. In daily operations, that means messengers who don't attract attention and won't gossip about what window they take folded pieces of parchment from in the middle of the night, or what cloaked figure awaits it eagerly two streets away.    For personal messages, the 'little messengers' can be found at any crossroads between sendings, usually in groups of two or three. For a copper coin, one will run your message in the city. For a silver, they'll go to the outskirts, or find and fetch a person, or wait for a reply. These messengers, usually children to teens, wear mostly nondescript tan clothing, bar the sprigs of lavender that mark their company.   For packages or long distance communications, it's best to go to the nearest Lavender Correspondence office. There you can find riders to take priority messages to different cities, regular weekly travelers, and the large package wagon that stops by twice a month. Deliveries can be scheduled in advance or sent immediately, and when a package or letter arrives for an individual, a little messenger will either bring it directly or leave a notifying sprig of lavender tucked into the door handle of the recipient.   Fees can be paid by the sender or the retriever, though if the messenger is not paid, they retain the right to keep whatever message they've been given. A messenger caught upcharging, ransoming, or blackmailing is reported to the Lavender Correspondence office, where the messenger will be immediately removed from rotational duty and investigated.   Should any harm come to a messenger or a messenger be stiffed or mistreated, the Lavender Correspondence will ensure the offending individual receives no mail until their debts are appropriately paid. They will not inform anyone dispatching letters of the recipient's 'slush list' status.   As measures against sensitive data falling into other hands, all Lavender Correspondence logs are written in cipher taught only to the officers of the guild. Senior messengers can often recognize a few symbols, like the one for 'paid' vs. 'unpaid,' and addresses or addressees written on the envelope of a letter are, of course, up to the dispatcher.   If one truly wishes to, they can arrange to have a personal messenger on retainer from the guild, or to have a specific person carry their message. This is, understandably, among the most expensive services the guild offers.  

Revolutionary Activities

"Actually - scratch that, Vy, forget about the lordling. You've picked up two packages from this address this week, both bound for the coast?"
- Soren Calcade to his daughter, tracking suspicious activity in his region
The Lavender Correspondence's role in the Theoli revolution could not be overstated. Even when they did not learn of the contents of their clients' mail, they knew who was exchanging letters or visiting with whom. The little messengers were poised to be available for new clients, but also to observe comings and goings. From their reports, the Lavender Correspondence offices could tell who was invited to what parties, wearing what colors, buying from which shops, and having affairs with whom.   The prestige of the company also allowed the revolution leverage to send messages of their own. Messengers of the Lavender Correspondence were rarely questioned or even noted in noble circles. For a time, it was common to even have a messenger or two at a gala or party, to run messages across a dancefloor or around a garden party.    Wagons for larger packages also allowed the smuggling of supplies or the odd person for the revolution, masking supply movements in other shipments and busy cargo runs. They also scouted the roads for the revolutionaries once fighting began, professing neutrality and quietly marking where Orelli soldiers could be found, and where they were headed.   There is also, of course, that Soren Calcade, the current head of the Lavender Correspondence, was one of the key figures of the revolution itself. His children, now known as Juventia and Pyrion, were instrumental enough to be chosen as the interim king and queen of Theolin.  


The guild's involvement in the revolution couldn't remain a secret, but the guild is still in operation. Their activities are restricted to Theolin's borders now, and the guild professes to have retired any of its spy work. The believability of that claim is up to their customers - but the crown does have their full support.


Soren Calcade
Juventia Theosa (previously)
Pyrion Theosa (previously)
Ilmira (previously)
Guild, Professional

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