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Ninety Degrees

Ninety Degrees is so named not based on a temperature, but an angle. It stands in for an angle that forms a common corner, and they corner the market on as many items as possible. So clever, or so they imagine. Clever or not, they have managed to live up to their name, either cornering the market or coming close with regard to a wide assortment of goods.

They are most renowned for their leather goods. They use the motto, "reasonable quality at a reasonable price." It's fairly accurate. Their goods are not of the highest quality, but they're not half bad, either. They are large enough to be able to produce more goods than their competitors and to produce them faster. In areas where Ninety Degrees sell goods...and there are many...competitors tend to go for high-end goods or dirt cheap goods, as the middle ground has been fairly well monopolized. A few competitors still make it based on customer service or by offering other complementary services, but many livelihoods are at stake when Ninety Degrees comes to town. Many vie for positions with the firm upon arrival, ready to give up their business before they succumb to what they see as the inevitable death of their business.

Ninety Degrees makes leather armor, boots, hats, and gloves as well as duffels, sheaths, saddles, and various straps--but that isn't their only market, it's just the one they made their name with. They also make weapons, but they decided the old motto wouldn't work for the new line, so they make high end (not the highest, but they are definitely quality goods) steel items with the motto, "First in Steel," presumably to give themselves a first-place medal as they begin a race others have participated in for ages. That said, they have good steel if not the best, and they hire excellent smiths to work it in addition to a master or two. While they don't make custom items or unusual weapons, all the basics can be found in addition to making field points for arrows. Select cities also carry the arrows themselves with pre-fitted heads, but in most places, they sell the heads in bulk to fletchers. Arrowheads with "90°" stamped on the bullet's base are increasingly common.

Lastly, the company has taken an interest in rations. The motto for the rations is "Almost Fresh." Vendors will elaborate, telling potential customers that even after a month in an old bag, their rations will still taste almost fresh. Most of their food items rely on hot-air dehydration, however, so storage in a wet bag wouldn't be such a good idea.

For better or worse, and often just somewhere in the middle where quality is concerned, Ninety Degrees is a major player, found in the greatest numbers in the freeholds, where the company started, but with a presence in the Peregrine Union, Ergonia, The Sticks, and a smattering of other territories as well.

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