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Lumi Enchantments

Lumi Enchantments is a chain of magic item stores in Gnolu. Founded by Jedri Ornadin, in 6306 TPE, the company is well known both in and outside of Gnolu.

The company employs enchanters and disenchanters to create, recycle, and sell enchanted and magical items.

Mages looking to get into the echanter profession and become a Lumi Enchantments employee are encouraged to attend the Lumi School of Enchantments. You already buy from the best, why not learn from them!


In the years before his company's founding, Jedri Ornadin was simply a mage looking to better the lives of those around him. He was disatisfied with how much time, effort, and money it took to apply simple enchantments to everyday items. Materials such as leather were never meant to contain magic and trying to force the magic into armor and the like was exhausting.

Being the educated enchanter he was, Jedri Ornadin knew that some materials took to magic better than others. He began experimenting on every element, substance,and textile imaginable.

After several weeks, Jedri came across a semi-popular gemstone from Bailsär. This gemstone, Katarite, held magic better than anything he had come across before. Jedri knew he had to get more.

Jedri Ornadin immediatley contacted his friends in the Gnolu parliament and told them about his discovery. Excited by what this could mean for society, the Gnolu parliament entered into negotiations with Bailsär for this now precious gemstone. Jedri was offered a postion in the diplomatic team and he accepted.

Negotiations with the Council of Nine concluded quite successfully and Gnolu ending up with enough katarite to fill a dragon's cave.

For his part, Jedri Ornadin was offered a sizable chunk of the katarite, which he accepted. But even with the ease katarite offered, enchanting magical items with all those gems was going to take a lifetime. Jedri saw an opporutunity and hired on some other mages to help him. He taught these mages how to enchant with katarite and together they opened the first Lumi Enchantments store.

This article is sponsored, in part, by Lumi Enchantments. Add a little magic to your life today!

Add a little magic to your life today!

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