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Osiris Infocracy International

Well, if there ever was a name that was on the nose...  
— Amelia Korp, Walker
  Osiris Infocracy is one of those corporations where people would be hard placed to figure out exactly what they do. The curious find a website of bland, nondescript statements like valuing the customers and building systems that powers excellence. Generic, non-threatening face smile next to promises of data integration and analytical mastery. To those in the know, Osiris works with and manipulates information and trades in lies. They make their money by shaping public opinion, trading secrets and setting trends. Overall, by treating people like cattle with wallets.   Behind the regular terrors of financial quarters and heartless lobbyists, Osiris has shadows that are long and hungry.  


Become the best version of yourself with Osiris Information.  
— Chirpy corporate slogan
  Osiris headquarters is a faceless office building, like any other edifice of heartless technocracy. Inside, people work away the days in cramped cubicles, dying a little with every soul-crushing deadline and meeting. A whole floor is dedicated to entertaining guests and potential customers, projectors set up to dazzle them with PowerPoint presentations and corporate babble.  
And if that wasn't bad enough, let's go to the top floors.
Alexander Sheridan rules this corporate fiefdom from the top floor, having set aside the entire space for his personal use. Worker drones and visiting businessmen both assume it to be a statement of wealth and power. In reality, this is where Alexander and a few of minion Magi work magic, bind Pacts, and hide monsters.  
Besides the ones in suits.
  Save for Alexander's personal, mortal secretary, everyone who works on the top floor is immersed in the secretive world of Shedim. Closed, locked rooms hold ritual chambers in the guise of offices and meeting rooms. Artifacts and Reagents are nestled away next to office supplies and financial reports.
Considered 'eccentric' to say the least, Alexander lives here too, never far from his center of power if he can help it.
  An entire wing of the floor is set aside to be the domain and lair of Alexander's personal goon squad, the Bloody Black Hand. This brood of mercenary vampires has served the magi-mogul for years, protecting him from harm and bringing the hurt to his enemies. Everything from assassination to kidnapping to much worse is planned here. Many of their victims end their lives, surrounded by corporate trapping stained in blood.  

In the Shadow

On the other side of the veil, the spire has not been unaffected by its inhabitants. Black and plated like some great insect, it juts towards the endless grey sky with a slight twist. Inside, all colors are drained and muted, save for the gore-splattered domain of the vampires. Every now and then, someone gets angry enough to lob some explosive spell towards the tower, causing the shimmering wards of power to briefly come to life. When it fails, bits and pieces are blown out of the building, and thin, spindly insect things scurry out to repair it.  
Unknown to anyone, there is a Gate on the second floor, through an old janitorial closet. The Key is a song, played from the old radio that still clings to life in one of the corners.
The Shadow
Geographic Location | Apr 9, 2021

Like an oily stain across reality, the Shadow co-exists with the real world and hides monsters of magic.

by Pixabay

An Unpleasant Fella

Osiris was founded and still run by Alexander Sheridan, a Spook of especially disagreeable personality. To him, magic or no magic, the world is a warzone, it's him against anyone who'd stand in his way, and winner takes all. He has used his magic to help run his company and his company to crush his enemies.   Wealth, wielded as a weapon, can perform miracles in the modern world, equal to the greatest spell.  
An Unpleasant Fella - Alexander Sheridan
Character | Jul 22, 2021

Not all monsters bare fangs and howl for blood. Some wear suits and twist information like clay.


The Bloody Black Hand

Vampires and mercenaries, the Bloody Black Hand are a young brood of entrepreneurial vampires who hire their services to the highest bidder. These 'services' usually involve putting the hurt on some poor bastard, but if sufficiently motivated, they have other uses.   As powerful, magical entities, their allegiance is bought as part of a Pacts, usually for a price in warm bodies and human luxuries.  
The Bloody Black Hand
Military Formation | Jul 25, 2021

Mercenary vampires with a thirst for blood and soul, combining arcane might with ruthless, crushing power.

by Rawpixel.com (Freepik)

The Well of Misery

Godfuckingdamnit, another meeting?
  Osiris can be a miserable place to work. Sure, the benefits are nice, but the hours are long, the atmosphere bleak, and the end result of what you do every day doesn't really make anyone happier. That's part and parcel is just the business of a modern information manipulator for the most part, but in Osiris, it serves a second purpose. Through ritual magic and arcane geometry, Alexander and his magi have found a way to turn misery into a commodity, and not just metaphorically. The ebbing life of every worker drone is stolen away to a place deep beneath the building, where it is devoured by fat, pale spiders. These spiders in turn become Reagents for magic.   As a result, Osiris balances a work environment to inflict enough horror and burnout among its employees with benefits and perks to ensure they live long enough to be completely wrung dry.  
Material | Jul 26, 2021

Fillet of fenny snake, eye of newt, wool of a bat, and all of that; reagents are magically imbued ingredients for the discening witch and warlock.

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