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The real conspiracy is the one you never see coming.
  Spook is a catch-all term for any wizard, witch, or warlock working for some government agency or private corporation... Though it's debatable who is using who. While most agencies bumble their way through horrors they barely understand, things get serious when a Spook shows up. That's when true magic is made manifest. Some are in it for the money, others for power, and a rare few with their heart in the right place - at least at first.  

Selling Out

It's a tough economy, and magic doesn't always pay the bills. Skulking around in the Shadow might keep a warlock safe, but it doesn't put money in the bank or food in the fridge. This sort of mercenary attitude towards magic isn't uncommon among spell-casters, but most stay away from work that gets this complicated. Spooks don't care - there are enough things that go bump in the night to keep them in business for a long time. Most work with intelligence agencies, doing everything overseeing bullshit experiments to conducting serious magical research and ritual.   If there's ever a monster on the loose, these are the Spooks usually sent in to deal with it.  

Disinformation Agent

Though the Shadow exerts its own influence to keep realities apart and memories blurred, some fall through the gaps. Governments know that there is something out there, something they can't begin to control, something that doesn't listen to either legislation or threats of their armed forces. They are children, trying to make sense of the predators they can hear around them.   And to some Spooks, if they're going to go poking around in places they have no business being in, they might as well have some adult supervision. To these Spooks, it's more about influencing events than it is about the paycheck. From boardrooms to army bases, they are the figure always in the back, always observing what's going on and just waiting for things to start going wrong. When they do, and whatever meddling is going on starts to court real trouble, the Spooks are there to keep a lid on things.   If there ever was a Spook that'll make you disappear for seeing the wrong thing or being in the wrong place, it's these Spooks.  

Puppet Masters

To some Spooks, the government or corporation is just another tool, another resource to be exploited. These Spooks take the work only to further their own goals and turn whatever they are given on the job to their own purpose. Out of all the Spooks, these are the most dangerous, able to manipulate entire departments and agencies. They're among the most ruthless and ambitious warlocks, wielding political power as a weapon. More often than not, their employee has no real idea what their Spook is even doing or what they are really capable of, and that's just the way they like it.    
Though conspiracy theories love to weave an intricate web that shows the whole world being run by some shadowy cabal, it isn't so. Governments are behemoth creatures, each twitch and spasm affecting millions of lives. They are too vast, too powerful for delicate manipulation. The best a Spook can hope for is to carve their fiefdom out in some part of it and bleed it for resources.

General Perception

All in all, others consider Spooks to be bad news. They've got the backing of powerful forces, and even a stumbling giant can step on a bug. When they show up, it's usually trouble - either someone fucked up, and they're there to clean it up, or they're there to further their own agenda on the government's dime. Spooks don't like each other much better either, as even in the same faction can have competing goals.  
Then again, most warlocks look at each other with suspicion, to begin with.

The Roswell Incident

What started as an army investigation into turning magic into a weapon predictably ended in disaster. Only a handful of Spooks really know what stepped through the rend in reality that night, and they aren't talking. Even decades later, mages who look too close into the matter find themselves paid unexpected visits by Spooks.  
The Roswell Incident
Myth | Dec 20, 2020

A summoning ritual gone wrong, a rend in reality, and a warlock shit out of luck.


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20 Dec, 2020 13:20

Maybe the real spooks were the warlocks we hired along the way ^_^   Great job Q, I really enjoyed reading that one :)

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I love the idea of the government as stumbling toddles and the spooks as the nannies XD

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It's a big scary magical world out there.... :D

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