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“They sacrificed to daemons, no-gods,
Gods they had never known,
New ones, who came but lately,
Who stirred not your fathers’ fears.”
  The world stands at the dawn of the 21st century, entering an uncertain age. Monsters and magic, powers ancient beyond measure, lurk in the dark. In the shadows, another world lies next to our own, both a sanctuary and prison - a place beyond the reach of mortals.   Some walk between worlds, either as skulking horrors or ambitious warlocks. Other just try to survive as the days wind on towards a bleak future. Shadows coil and bleed between worlds. People disappear, and someone has to go look for them, no matter where it takes them.   Welcome to Shedim, a dark occult world of horror and wonder. It is our modern world, where magic lurks in the dark and hides in an alternative dimension called the Shadow. In it walk both heroes and villains, prisoners and jailors, horrors and hope. In it, armaggedon awaits - or salvation.   Step inside.