Brightlight Research

This whole neon-blooded bullshit was never meant for all of us. Those Brightlight dipshits wanted to sell this to billionaires to become some themselves. We're all just accidents.
— Vlad Misfit, lower-class biter

Brightlight research was the medical research corporation responsible for the invention and spread of Neonism. As a clearly profit-driven venture, they sought a way to make their rich "patients" immortal, after amassing monetary support from them.


Dr. Christos Brightlight acted as research lead while leaving most administrative work to management professional Regina Kaiser who also implemented a highly skilled public relations department.

Brightlight's research department was separated into different research units, each focusing on a specific medical field. The one ending up with the most renown was certainly the virology one.


While portraying themselves as a due diligence-first endeavour to the outside, internally Brightlight was always pushing hard for results, knowing of their sponsors' expectations.

This also lead to a pretty tough work culture, or, as PR would have it "a happily union-free environment".

Public Agenda

Brightlight's PR department made sure to frame the company's research as one for the common good. Questions about how this could possibly be true with regards to the row of billionaires sponsoring the venture were usually avoided.


During the research leading up to the discovery of the Experimental Serum Omicron, Brightlight was the most well-funded medical research laboratory ever.

Finding a remedy for death.

Founding Date
Research, Medical
Alternative Names
"The fuckers who started all this shit"

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