Dr. Christos Brightlight


The media cannot get enough of talking smack about Brightlight and its "lack of morality". Still, Brightlight has become the most successful scientific organization in the world by a mile. It's almost like that morality-nonsense is holding everyone else back. Wild!
— Dr. Christos Brightlight

Christos Brightlight is the founder and owner of Brightlight Research. He is also the leading researcher behind Experimental Serum Omicron. Last but not least, he is the first one to end up as a Neon Blood.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to middle-class parents, Christos quickly decided that middle-class was not for him. Diving into medical studies and startup culture simultaneously, Brightlight identified his way to becoming filthy rich: Making other filthy rich people immortal. He recognized: Every problem was solvable if you had enough money to throw at it. And a hand full of people were rich enough to provide the necessary amount for this endeavour.


After going through a set of decent private schools, Brightlight's grades and ambition provided him with a scholarship. This meant that he could visit a pretty expensive university, but it mostly meant that he could extend his personal network upwards.

Intellectual Characteristics

Like many people in leadership positions, Brightlight increasingly forgot about the underrated skill that is empathy, not having been particularly good at it anyway. Instead, he is mostly known for ambition and an unhealthy relationship with his work, meaning he doesn't really do anything else.

Morality & Philosophy

Brightlight studied science, not arts, so his mindset is one of progress and achievements, not so much one of doubts and moral questioning. A fact he would not wish to change anyway.

Date of Birth
Year of Birth
2039 AD 29 Years old
Biological Sex
dark brown, man bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
mokka, pink over the eyes
83 kg


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