Brightlight Medical Laboratory

Dear collegues, welcome to Brightlight Medical Laboratory. I thank you all for joining me on this way to scientific progress. Let this be merely the first step towards great success. Cheers!

BL MedLab was the first Brightlight Institution, founded right after the initial investment round, or, simplified, "with a ton of money from aging billionaires".

As is his habit, Dr. Christos Brightlight started the institution with great ambitions. The laboratory's goal was none lesser than immortality, healing the sickness called "old age".

No comparable research project could access similar financial means and Dr. Brightlight immediately put these to use to headhunt the world's best medical researchers, offering them salaries nobody could compete with.

Did you hear that our entire lab leadership unanimously quit their jobs? I wonder what the hell happened there. And how the company is supposed to survive this...
— Lab Rat working for Brightlight's competition

BL MedLab stayed the center of operations of Brightlight Research, with Dr. Brightlight himself housing his research in the confidential sub-terranean lab on the grounds. It is here that Experimental Serum Omicron was discovered and tested. Incidentally, the first biter attacks took place on the grounds as well.

Purpose / Function

BL MedLab was built to house Brightlight's initial research into immortality - and some additional remedies for geriatric diseases, to not overly aggravate the non-rich elements of public.


After promising first steps towards stopping aging processes, Brightlight was soon able to expand the building and grounds, all while opening additional labs in different locations. BL MedLab added a third floor to the bilding and added a smaller subterranean lab separated from the main building. This additional lab was used for perticularly confidential research that was to be kept outside of the public eye.


BL MelLab was built to function, and to communicate "SCIENCE" to the outside. Accordingly, it was constructed as flat-roof building bolted together from pre-built concrete walls.

Founding Date
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