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I've been DM'ing for some years by now and picked up worldbuilding on the way. After a long break, I recently picked up writing here once more and I'm really enjoying it!

Right now, I have two very different worlds on here. The first one is "Kjeru", a D&D-like fantasy in which magic is broken and first forms of technology have taken root. Kjeru is written in my native language, German.

My second world here, and the only one in English, is "Neon Blood". I like to lovingly refer to it as my "Capitalist Vampire Shitshow". It is a Biopunk dystopia with Neons (pseudo-vampires) as tyrants over humans and quite some foul-mouthed language.

Interests & Hobbies

TTRPGs, Self-Hosting, Websites

Favorite Movies

Lilo & Stitch (!), Wall-E, Fight Club (because I'm basic), Lord of War, pretty much any Ghibli movie

Favorite TV Series

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Violet Evergarden, Castlevania

Favorite Books

"Legends & Lattes" and "Bookshops & Bonedust" (Travis Baldree), "The Name of the Wind" (P. Rothfuss), "The Painted Man" (Peter v. Brett), The Witcher Series

Favorite Writers

Patrick Rothfuss, Travis Baldree, Peter v. Brett

Favorite Games

Stardew Valley for the wholesomeness, Graveyard Keeper for the humor and Bulletstorm - well sometimes, you just want to switch ye olde brain off.