Bondic Rubber Guild

The guild that controls the production of Vulsian Rubber in the city of Vulci. They control most of the political power is Vulci eventhough they only legally have the right to control the production of rubber. The guild is known for using ruthless tactics to control the production of rubber and to get thier way in other political disputes.   The Vulsican rubber is produced by four differnt groups of producers often times at odds with eachother but working together to keep there monoploy on the production of rubber. There are two rival Yenarian families who control over 40 percent of the rubber production. 40% of the rubber is produced by a coalition of Tern Bas families who with the backing of the Yenari Empire have been allowed to produce rubber. The remaining 20% of rubber production comes from small independent rubber producers.


The bondic is a concil in which every member who produces Vulsian Rubber is allowed to be on. The voting power of each member correlates to the amount of rubber they produce. Since the council regulates the quality and production vulsian rubber, the council by design can control the voting power of each member. This structure has lead to a monopolization of rubber production into four main power blocks: two rival Yenarian families, the Tern producers, and the small independent producers. None of the power blocks have been able to gain enough production to dominate the council, and thus each power block must compromise with the others in order to maintain their production and work towards their goals.  
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The Bondic Guild has a long history and throughout the days had had differnt organization structures. Intially, it was the offical goverment for the city. After the Old Yenarian Himark System was implemented in the empire, the Bondic Guild become less involved in the goverment and more involved in the regulation and production of Vulsian Rubber. Now the council is still involved in the production of Vulsian Rubber, but it is also seen a the power behind the sence in the region.

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