An ancient city in the Plains of Vulc on the Vulgwa River. The city is known for its production of Vulsian Rubber.


The city of Vulci is in the Yenari Empire and thus part of the power structure of the Empire. It's goverment is composed of four major powers. The Guide of Vulci administers the whole region of Vulci and is based in the city. Like in most of the empire, the Thrye control the courts and admisnister the religious justice in the city. The city is administered by the Himark Vulci who is responsible for the day to day operations of the city. Finally, the Bondic guild controls the production of the famous Vulsian Rubber and weilds the most of the power in the city even if it holds no offical power besides the power to regulate the production of rubber.


The city is located in the heart of the Yenari Empire in a region that has not seen conflict for hundreds of days. Thus the city has very little defenses. Two forts on either side of the Vulgwa River protect the city from an attacking river force. However, the city is one of the most ancient cities on Didome and in the past the region had lots of conflict. The city was in the path of many of the crusades and invading Tern Tribes. Thus the inner city is surrounded by an ancient wall that is more of a historical landmark than a actual protective barrier.

Industry & Trade

The city is known for its production of Vulsian Rubber. The city is near the end of the Vulgwa River which flows through the Plains of Vulc which are known for there production of Vulcard plant which produces the natural latex used in rubber production. The Bondic guild oversee the production of the rubber and maintain a monopoly in its production. Specifically, production of Bonder Rubber in the Plains of Vulc is forbiden and the farmers have to sell the natural rubber to the Bondic members in the city for them to turn into rubber.


The city was one of the first known Nil Yeni settlements to be founded, and has a long recorded history. For most of the history it has been central to the production of Bonder Rubber. During the The 1st Brybort War it quickly came under Yeni influance and has been a part of the differnt incarnations of the Yenari Empire.
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