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A Rooty tuber that is planted in the floodplains. If left to grow for several days it will produce a large sweet tuber that can be dried and used as a food source. Additionally, by not allowing the tuber to grow photosynthetic leaves, the tuber can be depleted of its sugars and just left with its latex sap which can be pressed and used as a source of natural laytex. A domesticated plant that grows in the flood plains of rivers. It forms a large tuber under the floodplain which it stores water and sugars. After the flood it then grows a woody stalk reaching about a meter high. The plant then goes dormant for the night. In the morning before the rains, it uses its stored water and sugar to grow wide leaves from its woody stock. Which it uses to replenish its stalk of sugars. When the flood comes the woody stalk breaks of in the floods hopefully leaving the sugary tuber burred in the floodplain soil.

Cover image: Natural Latex by Simon


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