FountTech Industries

FTI or FountTech Industries is a massive corporation that develops military equipment. They specialize in smart fount weapons like Finch launchers and Fount-Crossbows. But they also produce alchemic grenades, deflection shields, and other expensive military goods.  


The corp has branches in most big cities around the Hearthlands. Simmersil, Qurmaan, Kaplum, and many others. But their main headquarters and research department is in Querenth. Their main offices and research department is in the inner city. But they also have some big properties on the outskirts of the city. Stories say that they undertake projects there that are less than "legal" or "moral".  


FTI makes incredibly expensive but very high-quality equipment. Although they officially only sell to governments and some big mercenary companies, their products can be found on the black market too. For the right price of course. Due to the nature of gathering Fount, their products can't be mass-produced and this is one of the reasons why they are so expensive.  

Hurricane model - Finch Launcher

The Hurricane is a simple rapid-fire Finch launcher that launches bolts in a straight, wide pattern. Unlike a Hailbow, this weapon isn't meant for a single target but to distribute bolts over a very large area. They are very deadly in large battles but have a very limited range and not much accuracy. They are mostly useful against enemies without good spacing or shields.  

Gannet Smart Finch Launcher

One of the most deadly, but also the most expensive weapons in the world. The gannet launches capsules in the air at a steep angle. These capsules produce countless small darts that heat seek targets and launch themselves at them. Newer and more premium iterations even let the user select the targets they want to hit with a nice Fount interface. Used by only the most elite units like the Senate Honorguard, S.E.P.S, and other elite units.
Corporation, Conglomerate

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