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Precious Pearl Trading Company

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Precious Pearl Trading Company is a business started by Salohri Aerlareth, that now owns several establishments around the city of Nesrum and some close by area. The company mainly focuses on farming Kythapiir Mussels and Purple Pearls, but has since furthered its reach to other endeavours.

The company currently consists of 3 separate mussel farms, two restaurants, a tavern, a couple of jewellers, their own transporting service, and they have formed connections as material providers of the local branch of the Royal Academy of Knowledge of Tel'Taurn Tal. The newest endeavour has been the attempt to producing dyes to aid the growing fabric industry of Nesrum. They also have investments in several other businesses and own property which is rented for tenants.


The company was founded by Salohri Aerlareth when the company still consisted of only the first of the company's mussel farms. The purpose of the trading company was to provide the foundation for the transporting service, which made sure that the pearls were taken out of town were in capable hands as they took off and were then sold forward. This also provided other local businesses with an opportunity to both import and export things from Nesrum through the company trade routes as part of the caravans.

As the company's income stabilized, the company has started a steady growth, and taken several different side ventures.

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