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West Enlitic Trading Company

The Most Powerful Business in Enliten

We have found ourself sitting atop a land filled with resources and have access to maritime trade routes that would greatly benefit us and our new homeland. Karllan is the key to all of this. From here we can go both south towards the old empire and to the north to trade with the pagan madmen.
— Eirik Hálwik, leader of the company
  The West Enlitic Trading Company is a flourishing business that operates out of the Duchy of Karllan in Enliten. They export and import goods from across the continent in and out of the ports they’ve acquired or established. Along with their trade fleet and the revenue they earn from the fees they take from everyone who wishes to use their ports, the company has rapidly expanded and established itself as the most reputable and successful enterprises in their corner of the continent.  

Masters of the Sea

In less than two decades, the trading company has managed to build a vast fleet for trade and limited forms of warfare. Ships with their yellow and blue striped sails can be spotted from the great lakes near Sarala all the way to South Tellaiti and everything in between.   The company’s sailors are respected, but many of their rivals enviously covet the maritime empire that has risen on the shores of Enliten    

Trade Ports

Soon after the trading company was founded, Eirik Hálwik, the man behind the organisation, began investing into ports. Eventually, when the sources of revenue had began to exceed expectations, he started buying whole ports in cities and when their local governments refused, he built his own ones nearby.   Through these harbours, the company was able to generate wealth off fees that they were asking from their less off competition, thus giving them the edge they needed to dominate the seas.

Wartime Activity

Because the trading company falls within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Enliten, they are obligated to assist their country in times of war. Recently the company has been forced to provide the nation’s navy with several of their ships in order to protect the southern coast from raiders.   Eirik figured since that raids against the country not only hurt the state but also the trade and therefore the bottom line of the company, his business should go above and beyond to destroy piracy in their waters.
Founding Date
1551 AA
Consortium, Business
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis
Kingdom of Enliten
Organization | Aug 30, 2023

The Kingdom of Enliten is a desolate human realm in eastern Lethea that is a popular target for migrants in search of arable land and a better life.


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