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Viriska is a boat manufacturing corporation on the south coast of the main continent in Centoria. They are capable of constructing things From small fishing to massive fleets of warships. They make small ships on mass for instant purchase and they allow for special order contracts.


This is a corporation that works in the standard way a capitalist corporation does. On the lowest levels you have the skilled laborers who perform the service/make the goods. Not the level above that you have the supervisors/contractors. These are the people that speak with clients, arrange pick ups, and instruct the workers. At the highest level the holders of the corporation are the ones who make decisions with the direction of the corporation. They also trade for materials and tools.

Public Agenda

As per a corporation Viriska wishes to constantly increase profits. As such they are encouraging and funding exploration campaigns, trying to find land beyond the main continent of Centoria (where most of any campaign would take place). For this they build massive and ornate luxury ships capable of taking a lot of damage. These ships, while wildly expensive, act as an advertisement for the corporations capabilities. As if the ship is used to find land outside of the continent they will become famous in history and enjoy the increased traffic from a beneficial reputation.

Foreign Relations

Viriska has generally a good relationship with costal kingdoms. Since they provide fishing ship and ships that can tread difficult waters keeping their business open to coastal cities specifically has lead to good relations. However, they have horrible relations with the Atlisians as Viriska is one of the few groups capable of making a ship that can survive the rocky waters surrounding the Isle of Atlit. Since the Atlisians prefer cultural solitude they view these ships as a threat and will actively attack such a ship if it comes within close proximity to their shores. The Atlisians have attacked Viriska outposts in the past.

Move with the tide so the tide move

Corporation, Business
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