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Saltshore Refining Company


The Satlshore Refining Company (SRC) is run like most other legal privately owned businesses on Thea , with a simple hierarchical structure organizing its employees. At its head is the current chair, Naricalium Cluth, who oversees the broad strokes of the day to day operations, as well as often sitting in on Saltshore town council meetings. Below him are several levels of bureaucrats, lawyers, merchants, processing staff, and salt collectors. The company also contains several divisions that sometimes act outside of the central structure, such as the research division, and the companies private security corps, the Salt Guard .

Public Agenda

Like most businesses, the primary aim of the SRC is to maximize its profits. To this end, it is often accused of using less than savory methods to achieve its goals, though to date, all actions by or on the behalf of the company have been at least technically legal, according to the town council of Saltshore.


Officially, the SRC only owns the primary refining facility and several administrative buildings surrounding it in the town of Saltshore. However, through subtle manipulations of the local government, it has been granted rights to the main beach of Saltshore, where the raw Noble Salt  is mined, as well as a few unused government buildings.   The primary asset of the company is its monopoly on the alchemical and magical methods that remove the negative effects from Noble Salt, rendering it safe for general consumption.


The SRC was founded in the early years of the Third Era, near the height of the chaos that Noble Salt was wreaking on the noble houses of the time. Its founder was able to discover a way to purify the salt, removing the negative effects and addictive qualities that were the the root cause of the unrest without sacrificing the salts other anomalous properties.   In the several centuries since its founding, the SRC has steadily gained power over the town of Saltshore, usually through legal, though dubiously ethical manipulation of the local politics.
Founding Date
early Third Era
Corporation, Mining/Resources

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