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Saltshore is inhabited by a diverse mix of the core races, though with a slightly higher percentage of halflings and gnomes than other nearby settlements.


Saltshore is legally governed by a town council of both elected officials and the heads of prestigious or founding families. In practice, the council often defers its powers to the Saltshore Refining Company  where actions would affect its, and by extension the towns, continued prosperity.

Industry & Trade

The primary economic power in Saltshore is the Saltshore Refining Company, which is responsible for the collection and refining of Noble Salt , a luxury good that has historically been the towns primary export.   The remainder of the towns economy is a mix of hunting, agriculture, and manufacturing, though most of the towns required goods are imported from elsewhere.

Guilds and Factions

The Saltshore Refining Company controls most of the overarching policies of the town, using its economic clout to work through the town council. There are rumors of a small group who act in opposition to the companies control of the town, committing small acts of sabotage semi-frequently.


Saltshore was founded sometime in the mid-First Era, existing as a small fishing hamlet out of the focus of the Empire of Thrain .   Durring the early years of the Third Era, there was a massive increase in the consumption of Noble Salt by the nobility of the continent, fueling a meteoric boost to the towns economy. It was also around this time that the Saltshore Refining Company was founded, and began purifying the Noble Salt, removing the harmful effects that were starting to cripple the continents nobility.


The town of Saltshore is situated in a natural cove on the wester tip of Thea. The sheltered waters are deep enough for most ships, allowing for a port for the town.   The most striking feature is the large, flat beach that the town stretches along. almost 100 meters wide in most places, the entire beach becomes submerged at every high tide. After the water recedes, pools of water are left trapped on the beaches fine sand, and as they evaporate, raw Noble Salt is left behind.

Natural Resources

Raw Noble Salt is crystalized on the beach of Saltshore, hence the towns name.   The region surrounding the cove is rocky and inhospitable to most crops, making agriculture difficult, though several vintners have been finding success in the are in recent years.
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