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Dim Pitch

Smell the air! Aaah... There is no smell I associate with home more than tar.
— A fetchling coming back to Pariltakb
Tar is an almost ever-present substance in the shadow plane. It is both commonly found across its lands, but it is also used in building by almost everyone in the shadow plane (d'ziriaks being the biggest exception). The Dim Pitch exists to organize tar extraction and ensure a steady supply of tar.


There is no record of when the tar guild began. The tar guild has been there for as long as anyone remembers or has cared to record.


The tar guild oversees the tar extraction (and sales to a lesser extent), mostly by providing licenses to those interested in extracting or exploring tar pits.

Stick it out!


Tar in the Shadow plane

Where water abounds in the material plane, tar often forms as a reflection in the shadow plane.   A more or less constant war is common between the Dim Pitch and common citizens. The guild wishes to maintain rivers in particular as tar areas; common people, on the other hand, wish for fresh running water that is safe to drink.

Plot hooks

Unlawful exploration of the tar pits
The PCs find a series of tar pits, full of dangers but also a lot of treasure hidden in its oozing entrails. If they start exploring it, they will get in trouble with the tar guild.   A group of concerned citizens, who used those tar pits as drinking water lakes until recently, blackmails the PCs to help them fight for the return of the tar pits into water, thereby avoiding the fines from the tar guild.
Missing miners
Recently, a new tar extraction site had been established. Its establishment had gone without issues, and the miners were working well, everything was going along with the plan.   But there has been no word received from them in the last week. The tar guild will pay handsomely to anyone who can go to the new site and restore order by whatever means necessary.

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Author's Notes

The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2021 event, specifically for prompt #27:
"Somewhere in your setting,
describe a large business, corporation or trade guild
      You can view my other entries from the competition here.   All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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