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Wolfcast Company

In the fortress city and trading hub of Loria, there are two massive companies who together provide the majority of the war materiel the Protectorate needs to fuel its huge military. One company, the Lionetworks, owns the majority of the district known as Burning Sky South and provides a huge amount of the siege engines and logistical needs of the Protectorate. The other company owns the majority of Burning Sky North and provides the majority of the weapons and armors that the Theussaun Fists use. This company is known as the Wolfcast Company.   In the wake of the War with Orakgra and the Camaerithian Concord, the Wolfcast Company has seen a massive increase in production and profits. Over the last decade, they have worked to increase their outputs drastically while still providing a solid product that insures the Protectorate never considers going to a different contractor. And alongside the quality of their product, they have a cunning, war hawk CEO who is personal friends with several people in positions of power throughout the Protectorate, including one of the Generals of the Fists. These connections, alongside their track record, insures the Wolfcast Company continues to grow and prosper.   So long as war is maintained.

Public Agenda

The Wolfcast Company provides a huge amount of the arms and armors that the Theussaun Protectorate uses in its military, the Theussaun Fists.


Wolfcast Co. owns the majority of the buildings in the district of Loria known as Burning Sky North. These are mostly foundries, factories, warehouses, and blacksmiths, but they also have a beautiful building in Piriardal West which functions as their HQ and the home of their CEO, Mastery.   Outside of their infrastructure in Loria, Wolfcast actually owns little. Instead, they have lucrative deals with mining companies in Lasthaven to procure their raw materials, and a bilateral partnership with the Bronzemantles to ship resources into Loria and finished products out of it.

"Wolfcast Strong."

Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
Wolfcast, Wolfcast Co.


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