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Social Media Corporation

"Palaver Media Corps, your all-in-one social media platform. Sign up today and gain access to content shared by friends, family, and a catalogue of official profiles from the companies that you enjoy. Register (or connect) via your work or school e-mail and gain access to Palaver's secure business and education forums. Keep connected with your colleagues and friends."
---Excerpt from Palaver's website, penned by Engagement Coordinator Joyce Martinez

About Palaver


Palaver features an in-depth user experience that allows the user to post about their lives in detail, from linking GPS locations, to the auto-application of direct links for the goods and services featured in posts, using a highly-intuitive web database. Palaver allows the user a few privacy modes-- Public, Connections Only, or Institution Only-- as well as a blocking system that can Content ID screenshots of individuals' profiles for ease of reporting.

The social media platform also has built-in integrations to a vast catalogue of Internet subscription services, from general news and scientific journals to magazines and user websites. These features are available free to the public, though some exclusive content may be locked behind a monthly (or yearly) paywall.

Palaver also features a fully-integrated marketplace, though shopfronts are only available to users by sending an application in to Palaver Media Corps, either through online form or e-mail. This allows the prevention of fraud, and grants the shopfront access to the corporation's mail tracking system and discounted shipping labels.

User Demographics

As of 2018, a whopping 78% of all smartphone users have a Palaver account; of those users, 45% of them have their account attached to one or more institutional e-mails, and 7% have an account exclusively for institutional purposes. The main age demographic is between the ages of 25 to 45, with 70% of users creating an account when they were within this age bracket. Some values may be skewed, as 14% of users disabled user data collection.

Of all the ethnic regions, Ecurria, birthplace of Palaver, has the highest amount of users to population, followed by Ceres and Titania. Interestingly enough, Hebeans have the lowest amount of users, with Tethysia not far behind.


Initially, Palaver functioned as a tradesman's forum, and was only open to those who gained access to an invite code. It had strictly-business applications then, with a secure online marketplace that made trade between businesses quick and simple. It was popular within small entrepreneurial circles, as it allowed them to interact with larger corporations with ease; the inverse was true, though for different reasons.

Eventually, some traders used the platform to socialize with other workers-- the social elements were primitive, but monumental for the time. Slowly, traders started giving invite codes to their family, and soon after the platform's userbase skyrocketed.

As the platform shifted away from its initial intended audience, it started to expand upon its social media features. The marketplace, its main source of income at launch, has largely faded away into obscurity. Nowadays, Palaver's main source of income holds a major privacy issue, as most of it is through the trading and selling of user data.

"Chatter with anyone you'd like."

Founding Date
Achos 14, 2007
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Paläver® Media Corps

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