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Pan-Global Industries



That's the line anyways. Originally a small upstart company, Pan-Global Industries set out with the goal to attempt to re-establish mass-trade with the universe. Without access to the Gateways of old, they were forced to work on a small-scale - comparatively, at least.   Years of trading lead to the founder growing sick, some kind of respiratory infection. With the fear of death looming and the lack of any big impactful legacy, she made to impulsively purchase a small archive modem from a passing trader who was unaware of the value. The device was an update log from the original colony of Site 13-7. With the information incldued, Lisa Cortez was able to locate the site on Raa - immediately proceeding to mobilize a rush to the world (as far as one can rush in this world).   The Company's legacy was cemented a year before Lisa's death - a statue of her made of the planet's raw ore being made to commemorate her and placed atop the production facility. The company proceeded to grow beyond this, however, and each successor of the company went on to further colonize and expand this base. Provisions were made to produce food in the environment, and this lead to advancement in horticultural techniques.   By the end of the millenium, Raa's surface had been scarred by tubes and cities of blocks and metal. Though, in fairness, the surface was rarely anything nice to look at originally.


P.G.I has faced the issue of moving resources. The largest of tradeships could only hold a small volume of ships. Therefore, it has been outsourced.   Ships looking to make a simple profit can do so by buying trade goods from the planet for cheap (after all, it is the ground they're standing on.) and then re-selling it to other planets on their behalf.   Their undercutting of any and all competition, anywhere, has lead to a monopoly - despite the difficulties involved.


P.G.I owns the entirety of Raa, and despite the catchphrase, has not made any effort to diversify their portfolio.

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