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Wandlore Incorporated

Wandlore Incorporated, also known as Winzor’s Wacky Wands before they changed their name a few decades ago, is the world’s leading manufacturer of wands as well as the primary employer of non-college affiliated wizards. Wandlore is a common brand name known in nearly every household worldwide and is one of the most wealthy corporations on the planet.   Their primary product are wands; enchanted rods that allow mundane people to interface with magical technology in the same way a wizard could. Wands have been used for thousands of years, though the first ones were mainly enchanted sticks used by wizards to house spells for quick access. It wasn’t until a few centuries ago that the creation of wands specifically for mundane hands was thought of. Every since they have been instrumental in closing the gap between magic and non-magic humans by allowing both groups access to the same benefits normally reserved for wizard use only.   Wizards who do not get into one of the big colleges can expect a lively career with Wandlore Incorporated. Right of highschool they will be headhunted and offered employment as enchanters on the factory floor. Hundreds of mages per factory work for hours every day weaving enchantments into rods made of specialized alloys and plastics that are uniquely suited to carrying an enchantment. It is mentally draining work but pays much better than your standard job a mundane person might be able to get. Eventually they may rise in rank to mid-management where they will oversee the work of their fellow mages as well as help instruct new mage-employees on company policy and set them up with work training to learn the specific spells the wands are to be enchanted with.   Once the wands are enchanted they are packaged and delivered to various stores around the world to be sold.
Corporation, Manufacturing

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