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Pirate Cartel

Galactic Influence

The Pirate Cartel are known throughout the galaxy, and their reach extends almost as far as their reputation. Since the end of the war the Cartel's influence has expanded, as the planets and coalitions concentrate on recovering from the war and shoring up their own assets. They are involved in a large number of illicit businesses and trades and are a scourge upon certain of sectors of space.   Hired muscle raids on shipping lanes illegal drugs fencing/money laundering weapons and tech smuggling a number of legit businesses blackmarkets Bribery  

Organisational structure

There are three heads of the organisation and each one oversees a sepparate division of the business. When decisions that affect the the Cartel as a whole need to be made, they each have an equal say in deciding the outcome.  


Information is power, a fact well known to bob who runs this division of the Cartel. They have eyes and ears scattered throughout the galaxy, and there is very little that escapes their watchful gaze. If anything of note is happening in the galaxy then they probably know about it, or started it.


Huge sums of money pass through the Cartel's hands on a daily basis, some legitimate some not. It's Jeff's responsibility to monitor and regulate this flow of money, ensuring that it runs through the correct channels. They have an incredible nack for making sure every money trail that can be tied to the Cartel is "legit"


The Cartel employs thousands of people not to mention all the free lancers, business contacts, and other peripherals that they must deal with. Who better to deal with these people than an Ecai, trained in arts of diplomacy, manipulation and intimidation. Sue is a force to be reckoned with and ensures that each member of the cartel understands the importance of being loyal.
  Each of the three heads has a number of trusted subordinates who they delegate certain responsibilities to. These tend to deal with the day to day, and more hands on stuff. Sending regular reports to their Heads and carrying out the will of the Cartel leaders.
Illicit, Cartel

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