Bevy Corp.

A large business, corporation or trade guild  
-Dimi & Janet

Public Agenda

Ned Bevy makes sure to keep Bevy Corp. in the public eye. He makes many public announcements of new projects, mergers, and acquisitions. He is a familiar face all over the world and is associated with businesses in many different countries.   Though several appreciate him and his efforts to support small businesses and grow them into large, successful corporations like his own, some do not like this method. They believe that Ned Bevy is capitalizing, using, and binding the businesses into risky contracts with fine print and strings attached.   It is also surmised that Ned Bevy belongs to the Eventide Billionaire Collective. For this reason, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. carefully studies his actions.


There are many companies that Ned Bevy has acquired. Not all of his relations are publicly known, and it is suspected that he has many ties to organizations that he does not publicly declare.


Bevy Corp. was founded by Ned Bevy. From a young age, he became an entrepreneur, investing in stocks and soon purchasing into large companies. Soon, he had created his own company built primarily off of investing in the wealth and success of others. He slowly climbed the chain, providing loans to smaller companies, acquiring, and merging. He hired assistants and grew into a mega corporation.


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