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Heartworthen Manufacturing

One of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world, and the largest in Firina, Heartworthen Manufacturing produces a variety of products for the military. While they do export their products internationally to other militaries, the Firen military has an exclusive contract with the corporation. Meaning, they get the newer and better equipment compared to everyone else. That is, everyone other than those that actually work for Zora Heartworthen. Thinking that the military gets better artillery than the mercenaries guarding her house is just silly.  


Heartworthen Manufacturing developed from Heartworthen Weapons, which was another company owned by members of the Heartworthen name. Because every single company is owned by Heartworthen's, or at least it feels that way. Too bad they're all fighting each other, otherwise they might've actually had been a monopoly. Though given that there isn't any other Heartworthen business that makes weapons, anymore, Heartworthen Manufacturing has done well to have a stranglehold grip on any other weapons making family. This is mostly due to Zora Heartworthen's invention of Black Steel, which contained enough Gold to prevent it from melting and to allow it to distort reality enough to make whatever weapon was created extremely lightweight. It still had to be created by a Smith, but was much more cost-effective to make, and easier to shape than pure Gold.   Given Black Steel's relative malleability, Zora was given a material to pour her creative energy into. Along with her love for firearms, missile launchers, artillery, and grenades. And she often created items that mixed all of those things together. The Black Steel was light enough to carry, regardless of the fire-power the weapon contained. And it wasn't long before Zora was combining the Gold's ability to create pocket dimensions with its weight distorting effects. Pistol that folds out into a sniper-rifle that shots explosive rounds? Why not.   

Global Success

It wasn't long till the products that Zora's manufacturing company could provide caught on. And once the Fires started using them, everyone else quickly started begging to have some of their own. Did Zora complain that she was providing the weapons to every side in an Arms race? Nope. She pocketed the money. And later on in her life eventually had the grand idea to threaten the Firen Military into giving her company the largest contract ever, or else she'd get one of the other Elemental Militaries to sign her contract.   Internationally, this slowed the amount of weapons being shipped out. Still, Heartworthen Manufacturing remains one of the biggest imports of the various nations. Even if the Fires get the better weapons.
Founding Date
Late 4189
Corporation, Manufacturing

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