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Noyre Industries

Once the backbone of the Martian fleet during the civil war, this company had seen its decline after the war ended. However, once Noyre led a hostile takeover of the company from her pigheaded misogynistic father, the company began to see an improvement as it struck a balance between providing various weapons, ships, and supplies to assist in the extra-dimensional war and distributing various technology and materials around Mars in order to assist the ongoing development of its infrastructure.   After Noyre's skirmish with her friend Rho, her vessel crashed and she went missing, and she hasn't been seen since. Jaxith, the ruler of Mars and longtime friend has gone on record saying there's no way she's dead.   Soon afterwards, the Helios Reactor in the main base in Olympus Mons malfunctioned, allowing Helios to escape. While Rho delt with that, Ben Randyl, Todd Randyl's younger genius brother, happened to be onsite and assisted in directing everyone to prevent a major disaster throughout Mars. Due to this, he was immediately appointed President and CEO of the company.   Seeing his brother's exploits, Ben decided to not only help in his efforts but with the permission of Jaxith and Veritas to make it easier to travel between the two planets.   As far as their military technology goes, their ship designs appear bulky and imposing, and their weaponry explosive in nature. While this proved intimidating when the war was against fellow man, the extra-dimensional creatures are not scared by simple tactics. Despite this, they still prove useful in battle.  


While nothing in particular inspired the company as a whole, I like the idea of a daughter forcibly taking over her father's company and just making it better all around. I'm sure it functioned under a different name before the takeover, I just couldn't figure anything out.


  • Mars
    A map of Mars.   Honestly, I just want to test out the map feature.
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Corporation, Conglomerate
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