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Terrestrial Earth's most popular clothing and body armor brand.   Founded in 3127 by a woman named Marie-Claire Loup, Reignment has quickly climbed to the top of the clothing market.   It's a company of dichotomy. On one hand, they produce the finest suits and dresses on the market, worn by every businessman, office worker, bureaucratic leg woman, and socialite out there that wants to make an impression. The finest materials, flattering cuts, and bleeding-edge fashion all in a custom-tailored package.   On the other, they produce some of the most recognizable body armor on the market. Recognizable for its durability, subtlety, and overall lack of bulk. Highly customizable, they offer everything from a simple chest piece to a whole suit covering everything it possibly can. Reignment is popular with militaries around the world.   The company even produces a line of armored fabrics for those with open wallets. Many people who believe they are under threat of assassination tend to prefer this method, as it doesn't bulk out one's figure or tip one's hand that they are indeed afraid of assassination.   Surprisingly, unlike many of the bigger corporations, Reignment does not keep it's own forces on retainer, at least not anything farther than what they need to protect their facilities. If they do have anything extra, it's only a handful of squads.   Most controversy stemming from the company is from Marie-Claire Loup herself. She is somewhat erratic, eccentric, and all around high-strung, known to flip out and fire people important to her operation before apologizing and hiring them back. Or other times firing people for little to no reason, and refusing to budge on the issue. A strange woman all around.¬†From a business standpoint, she's the CEO, but in practical terms, she's the heart of the company. Not only does she lead it, but she's responsible for a majority of their most famous designs, both clothing and armor.
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Corporation, Commerce

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