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Salt Trading Company

A trade guild in the southern Dark Lands. They mine salt (and black salt) from the mines in Dźike and export it to Remnava, Medźina and the Arkadhian New Empire.   Their wealth is based upon the people they exploit to extract resources from the mines, the salt miners. Because of the terrible conditions the Company forces them to work in, they are called slaves, and the Company "The Slavers". No other people on Nys works under similar conditions.  


Like any other organization in the Dark Lands cities, the Company is a chaotic group of merchants trying to backstab each other to amass as much money as possible.   They divided the Company into shares that everyone can buy and distributed them among themselves. When something happens to require coordinated action, the merchants meet and vote. Each vote is worth as much as the number of shares the merchant owns.   Because of this system, they constantly try to undermine others' finances to force them to sell their shares.  


The Salt Trading Company owns the Dźikan mines. It has always had control over everything extract from there, according to the treaty the Remnavi colonists signed with Remnava.   In the following centuries, the Company acquired more economic power and began exporting salt and black salt in the Empire. When Remnava's influence on the region declined, the Company blackmailed them. They offered to pay a fair amount of money to buy the mines. If the city refused, they would cut salt provisions. Remnava's regent tried to temporise, unsure whether the Company could uphold its threats, but when they presented him an ultimatum, he accepted. Thus, starting from the year 1658, the Company own the caves themselves.   The Company owns all the miners too, as written on the contract they signed, in effect until they repay their price, interests included. Rumour has it injured workers are sold as volunteers for scientific experiments, or to blood mages as ritual material.   The Company bought a couple of warehouses in Remnava and Medźina too. They say there is one in Arkadhe too, but no one knows where it is located.  
Founding Date
Financial, Merchant League
Alternative Names
The Slavers, The Black Traders
Predecessor Organization
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