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Grevesmühl Wizards

At the mage guild, the Grevesmühl Wizard,it is a concrete simple building, with large windows that can't seem to see through no matter how hard someone looks. Upon stepping into the guild vistors are greeted by the strange site of taxidermied birds hanging from the ceiling and a feather and quill next to an unfinished recipe above the reception desk. A Halfling works at the deception desk to direct visitors to the guild store or put them in touch with one of their many mages.   If someone tries to read the recipe they find it is always changing words and language. It is simply an art installation, not hidden knowledge.


There is a head Master and leader of the guild. Each school of magic has a Master that oversees the education, training and job opportunities for their students.


A place of learning and trade for a pair price.

Trade & Transport

This Mage guild focuses on the trade of magical items they create or collect from their expeditions into the ancient mountains of the Dwarves and Vos.   They sell scrolls, but only by request to young mages and seek to have control over the knowledge base of the town. Every apprentice is expected to produce a certain amount of scrolls a week to sell if they are not participating in higher business with clients of the guild.


The school ranges from apprentices to masters in most schools of magic. They have a very traditional schooling system for the most part but do a lot of on the job training as apprentices observe their masters at work, helping clients when they can at suitable levels.
Guild, Mages
Major Exports
Magical items and scrolls are in high demand from the guild.
Major Imports
They import mostly components. Minerals come from the local area, but some more refined ones are shipped in from other areas.
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