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The rosé (small letter R) is a trade guild that manages, protects and fights for the rights and protection of sex workers everywhere. In the Glowing Lands they are listed as an illicit guild, but are allowed to operate as long as they don't actively offer sex. This offends the rosé as both the Government of the day and Jabatan Sihir as well as the Religious Ministry seem to be actively misunderstanding their purpose.  


The rosé offers consultation, protection, and unfortunately in many cases, rescue services for sex workers. They work closely with migrant, queer and human rights bodies to protect and advance rights for marginalised communities. In the Glowing Lands, they are one of the first bodies to step in to protect sex workers and rescue exploited creatures. Officially they provide mainly support work, but unofficially they are known as one of the most fearsome bodies to cross; it is said that you can cross anyone, but if you cross the rosé then nothing can save you.  

Fighting capability

The rosé, contrary to the gentleness of their name, are thorny people. They have an instinctive dislike for most authority figures and with good reason. Most rosé members are great believers in first impressions and instincts count - while they have some cases they have regret taking up, they have never been wrong when it comes to identifying and working with people in official positions of power. Which is to say that they have always kept them at arm's length and distrust them to a good extent.   They are also one of the oldest trade guild in existence, originally beginning as a bodyguard and assassin guild to protect courtesans. Over the centuries they have evolved to providing as much protection as they can, going from simply physical protection to magical and emotional and finally including legal and constitutional. It is said that for every rosé lawyer seen, there are at least five other "thorns" providing support from physical protection to office work and more. Individually a rosé is trained to protect themselves and perhaps one other at all times. They are also trained with the maxim that "the cause is worthless if you are dead" which some has said has been effective in reducing the suicide rates of an organisation as deeply passionate as they are.  


The rosé are funded by voluntary contributions and do not ask where the money comes from. They also have multiple protections in place to ensure that the money received comes with no strings attached nor is it from an illegal fund that is likely to get them shut down. This has resulted in some surprising cases, where national financial laws have been amended to try and trap the rosé but end up ensnaring their opponents instead. The Federated League has one case that is still quoted today, where the very money law they intended to use to cripple the then nascent branch of the rosé was struck down due to the fact that enforcing it would have destroyed their entire banking system.  

Operations in the Glowing Lands

rosé in the Glowing Lands operate as a Non-Governmental Organisation, supporting mainly other grassroot organisations throughout the country's various states while working together with other national bodies as an unofficial pressure group. Though they are on bad terms with Jabatan Sihir (and most of the government departments as a general rule) they work very well with individual registered members of said department.
Activist, Charity

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