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Andlös Lumber Guild

Normally I would have questions, but I suppose the forests could not ask for a more responsible guild.
— Layla Greenword, Craftsman


  This large guild specializes in producing and selling lumber. They get most of their lumber from Continental Island of Dammerung towards the west and then sell most of it to the Continental Island of Lluvia towards the south. Perhaps unexpected to some, this guild is controlled by the Andlös Circle of Druids. Despite this, they are the largest guild of its kind on the Quassus Continent.


Conflict with other Lumber Guilds

  It should come as no surprise that the Andlös Druidic Circle has a very strict set of standards regarding how lumber is to be collected from the forests. They are greatly antagonistic towards those guilds who are seen as causing undue harm to the forests. It is rumored that Andlös may have been responsible for fires that have greatly damaged the ability and reputation of at least three rivals.


Disapproval of other Druids

  Perhaps not surprisingly, the Andlös Circle is not well regarded by most other druids. Andlös claims that by controlling the supply of lumber they ensure the forests remain healthy, that they only remove sick, dying, or dead wood from the woods. The other circles, however, say that the guild is still tampering with the natural order. This difference of opinion has led to some conflicts between the guild and other circles that have impacted the supply of lumber across the continent.

Guild, Professional

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  I'm still wrapping my head around this. Druids cutting down trees to make a profit yet still getting upset over how everyone else does it. I guess that works out. - Archivist Edward

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