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Drusseodias Postal Service

Drusseodias Postal Service, usually referred to as the Post, was a nationalized Institution facilitating the Transport and Delivery of Mail and Cargo in Drusseodia.

Worth a pretty Penny

A special status among the Workers and those that were attached to the Post were the Seal and Stamp.

While both were part of normal Procedures inside the Service, they were also treated like a form of currency inside it.

All bonus payments were fulfilled in the form of postal stamps, which could be traded or used, without requiring the Post to actually spend Money.

Once a year, when the official Seals used to void the post stamps were changed, the old ones were raffled off to the staff, many of these found their way to interested collectors of Post Memorabilia.

The Postmasters Entourage

As much of Drusseodias Money also was transported by the Post to stock local Banks or pay out pensions, the Director of Postal Services and the Postmaster were a prime target to acquire knowledge of the routes and amounts involved.

This made it necessary to protect them, which created the Postmasters Entourage.

At first, it was only a rough collection of rag-tag Ex-Soldiers and anyone able to provide proof of former knowledge, but it soon transformed itself to the World's first Elite Unit.

While there might now be many that follow its approach to Training, the Unit itself lies now on its Deathbed with only six faithful members alive, but always at the side of Geringangter.


From the Headquarters in Brossal, Mail and Cargo was delivered to many subordinate Stations in the Capitals of each County, from which it would be sent to Offices in larger Towns.


The Post was perhaps the only civil service that could even challenge the Military on Terms of Discipline, Honor and Duty.

Becoming a Member of the Post was celebrated internally and externally as something of a Lifes Achievement and many Deliveries made by daring employees were told with the same vigor and as those of Heroes.


With the removal of the King Regent the Mandate of the Post ended as well, and many local Delivery or Postal Services rushed at the Chance to dismantle this old Monolith which had become sluggish and untrustworthy in the years leading up to the Release of Drusseodia.


Peace through Exchange


1402 - 1909

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