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Release of Drusseodia

The Release of Drusseodia was a violent Revolution completed in the last hours of the Year 1909 after a Year of open Warfare, with the handing over of the Letter of Sacross.

During the Morning Hours, Drusseodian Partisans under Marshal of the Guard Benetrixa Wolffang took the King Regent in Custody and secured the Royal Household of Brossal in one the Kings Summer Palaces in the south-east of Brossal.

During the same Time, Fieldmarshal Geringangter attacked and destroyed the Military Outpost and Stables in Hounderlitz, routing most of the stationed Defense Forces.

After Geringangter was slain in the Course of Action, his subordinate took over Control of the combined Army and cut a bloody trench towards the Town of Sacross.

Having been defeated thoroughly by the tactical prowess of Wolffang, which expertly fainted weakness and being unprepared to draw in the eager Generals of Prosenial, the Army split up and tried to Escape Pursuit.

What followed was almost a Year of brutal surrogate Wars and Civil Unrest.

The War and Revolution succeeded in favor of the reinstated Drusseodia after Wolffang presented her Countries Demands to Prosenial in form of a Letter in Sacross

Fallacy in Brossal

The young Wolffang was perhaps the World's best Tactician, but due to her young age, she hadn't had a chance to gather experience when dealing with the Public, and her quick advancement to the Marshal of the Guard limited the Chance to gather the same to a minimum.

Seeing the King being carted off in Chains followed by his full Retinue, led many Brossal citizens to believe that a young Royal upstart wanted to usurp their Regent, which in turn, caused a miniature-Counter-Revolution to be created quickly.

Investigating the infrequent and often ineffective Attacks against her local Defense-Force, quickly revealed the Perpetrators to Wolffang, who engaged them like she would engage the Enemies Army on the Battlefield: With Artillery Bombardment and charging Cavalry.

This did not do much to further the Support of the Population towards bringing the Marshal of the Guard into Public Favor.

Before anything worse could happen, a young Officer with the name Cavalanti, urged her Superior to explain the Situation in a public Address, which ultimately would lead to an Understanding and put a Stop to the Counter-Rebellion.


Conflict Type
Start Date
20. Pass of 1908
Ending Date
25. Yearend of 1909
Conflict Result
Release of Drusseodia


Drusseodian Partisans
Army of Prosenial-Drusseodia


  • 7 Infantry Battalions
  • 6 Scrollthrower Battalions
  • 1 Cavalry Battalions
  • 1 Artillery Sections
  • 3 Infantry Sections
  • 3 Scrollthrower Sections
  • 60 Cavalry Battalions


  • 1 Artillery Sections


  1. Dissolve Prosenial occupation
  2. Secure Strategic Positions on Sacross, Flatergrad, and Hounderlitz
  1. Pacify Rebellion
  2. Secure Brossal

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