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Letter of Sacross

The Letter of Sacross contained the terms for the Release of Drusseodia from the Double-Monarchy with Prosenial. It was handed over in person by Marshal of the Guard Benetrixa Wolffang, then Leader of the Revolution.


The Marshal of the Guard was notoriously unapolegetic, stringent, and at this Point in her Life, purposefully ignorant of Social Norms.

The Content of the Letter was written and signed in her apparently very untidy own Hand, making it hard for the Representative of Prosenial to decipher the few words on the letter.

Feeling herself being denigrated by the Official, she pulled a small Scrollthrower out of a nearby Soldiers harness and shot the Person dead, grabbed one Servant of his Retinue and forced the letter in their Hand to read, threatening to shoot each and everyone failing to understand the Content of the Letter.

You are not to understand what I have written, it is for Prosenial to obey.
— Benatrixa Wolffang, Marshal of the Guard, after having shot the last Official

The Servant, shaking like a leave in the Wind, was also shot, as were the next two, until at last, only a local Beastmaster was present, who was not at all impressed with the Marshal of the Guard Behavior.

I have tended to the Beasts of Drusseodia for all my Life, but not one would senselessly kill like you, Wolffang. They would call you the Demon of Sacross, if anyone was left to witness your Behavior.
— Quasiont Shor Traveon, Beastmaster of Sacross

It is reported by Officers of the Army, that the Elves Beastmaster then moved coldly and composed forward and towards the Marshal of the Guard who was fuming and could barely contain her content, picked the blood-stained Letter from the Ground, and attempted to read it, but quitted the attempt as the blood had made the letter completely illegible.

The Beastmaster then demanded a second Letter from the Marshal of the Guard, written by her Secretary and only signed by her, and they would bring it to Prosenial in Person, as to stop further Bloodshed.


The Letter of Sacross was the formal Declaration of Freedom from Prosenial after a Year of brutal and bloody Combat against the remainders of the Prosenial controlled Drusseodia Defense Army.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Prosenials Public was demanding the Head of Benetrixa Wolffang but with their Armies barely able to form cohesive Formations, while Drusseodias Armies seemed to grow exponentially by the Hour, the Letter of Sacross was accepted.

Drusseodia was released from the Double-Monarchy and attributed all Privileges befitting a self-governed and distinct State.

Wolffang could've gone for the Reannexion of Prosenial and the Kings General might've just as well put Childrens Toy Soldiers, fashioned from Tin or Lead, in front of her. And her Majesty did well to grab the Chance of sparing her inferiors the War with what must be Inquests last living Demon.
— From the Memoires of the Secretary of State, Kingdom Prosenial


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