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The Wayfaire Guild

The Wayfaire Guild, is one of the strangest of the city guilds, that no one group controls it, and its run with a triad of Guild Leaders, which include members of the Noble Houses, the Crystal Mages as well as the Guilds. None of the high level guild members were actually originally members of the wayfaire and all come from other groups. This creates a strange ceiling of roles within the Wayfaire but many of they most experience members become sought after as independent specialists by other Guilds, Noble Houses and either those powerful interested parties from other worlds.   The Gatekeepers are the people that both control the major mist gates to other worlds, the lifeblood of the city and trading corridors of the planes. As well as the smaller ward and district waycentres that allow the people of Bavo'sand to cross the city in quickly and in the a manner that allows for business across the city to work without requiring hours of travel from district to district. These gates may not be the cheapest way round the city but they are certainly the fastest, and the Guild mantains them to a high level of safety and security.   While the Wayfaire guild definitely is the most wide spread guild, as they can be found in every ward of the city, as well as every single other world that Bavo'sand trades with, the gateways on every world is looked after by members of this guild, and as well as keeping them in working order the guild buildings on other worlds tend to be some of the most protected sites within their home cities, they can be easily lockdown so no one can enter, before the wayfaire guild members have closed the gate and warned the guild at home that something is happening. An example of that is recently when the city of Cliffshade on the world of Volakan was dragged into the Nine Hells due to an idiotic deal made by the cities rulers centuries previously, Guild members barred the house for long enough to lock the gate down so the city of Bavo'sand was not invaded Devils or Demons, looking for fresh meat.


The Triad is at the top of the guild, and then there are mutlple levels of bureaucracy, looking after supplies, new gateway contracts with kingdoms, cities or private individuals within the city or further afield. Then each of the Wayfaire Stations has a head and then the general staff of the stations and guildhall within the wayfaire district.

Public Agenda

Protect, Build and maintain the Gates of the city and spheres.


Wayfaire Stations across the city, Guildhall and Major Gates in Wayfaire, and all sites not on Bavan as gate stations.
Alternative Names
The Gatekeepers, Mistguards

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